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EXPLORE OUREpoxy Flooring Solutions In Kissimmee

Having a sanitary, damage-resistant, and beautiful epoxy floor coating is not as difficult as you might think. A concrete coating project from Orlando Epoxy Flooring can be accomplished with a cost-effective plan.

Kissimmee epoxy flooring

Complete surface preparation brings an excellent job. Our quality epoxy floor coatings include

  • Preparation
  • Repairing cracks
  • Installation
  • Protective finish

We offer high-quality products and excellent customer service. Our team works from helping you choose the design to the installation.

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Why Choose IBEX Flooring and Painting?

There are five reasons to choose us: Durable surface, Efficiency, Experience, Guarantee and Variety.

Our floors are an epoxy coating and hardener mixture that produces a durable plastic material surface. In most cases, the floor coatings take one day to be installed. We have been installing epoxy floor coatings for more than ten years.

Our company offers a 100 percent guarantee that our customers will be completely satisfied. We provide a broad spectrum of different colors and styles to fit the taste and needs of our customers.

IBEX Flooring and Painting clients are from Kissimmee, FL, and FL cities in the Kissimmee area. Our safe concrete coatings make a pool area, patio, or garage look brand new.

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Kissimmee Epoxy Flooring

BENEFITS OFEpoxy Flooring

High-performance, industrial and commercial epoxy coating is perfect for industrial facilities, laboratories, beverage and food plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, and warehouses.
The durability protects concrete floors with a high gloss surface that solves most industrial environment challenges. Epoxy coatings are non-porous, seamless, and easy to clean. There are no seams where debris and bacteria can accumulate.
Debris, dust, and dirt can easily be wiped free. Epoxy concrete floors can withstand extreme temperatures from steam cleaning and wash-downs. They protect concrete substrate slabs and transform them into high-performance surfaces that are moisture-resistant and last for years. Epoxy flooring is aesthetically pleasing and attractive.
Epoxy flooring dries to a high gloss. It is available in various applications, textures, and colors, such as decorative additives and solid colors that make a variety of working environments beautiful.
The concrete coatings are resistant to chemicals and protect against aggressive solvents, alkalis, and acids that destroy the surface. The underlying materials penetrate groundwater and improve workplace safety.
Installed concrete coatings are fire, heat, and slip-resistant. The high gloss improves work area brightness up to 300 percent. The impact from high traffic does not affect the coating. Different textures and colors define work zones, forklift zones, foot traffic zones, and safety zone. The floor coating reduces wear on vehicles transporting material within a facility. Materials move faster, improving productivity and preventing damage and wear to the floor.

Which Epoxy Flooring System Should Be Used?

The number of choices can be overwhelming.. Our experienced epoxy floor contractors walk you through the options when you receive our free consultation. Use this information as a guide.
Orlando Epoxy flake floor

Flaked Epoxy Floors

Flaked epoxy coatings are made with colorful flakes and acrylic chips. Many people use them on garages, basements, and other concrete floors. We recommend flaked epoxy coatings because they are aesthetically beautiful and slip-resistant. Flaked epoxy coatings are suitable for sports venues, locker rooms, showrooms, food processing plants, and kitchens. If you are looking for an installed flaked epoxy flooring in the Kissimmee, FL area, contact us for a free estimate and job plan that meets your needs.

Orlando metallic epoxy floors

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metal epoxy coatings work well for commercial and residential properties in diverse contexts. The epoxy flooring will be designed with different effects, colors, and accents when you hire us. Regardless of the square footage, a matte finish increases the appeal of your house’s bedroom, living room, or other spaces. The colors used most often are silver, ruby, copper, and gold. The metallic epoxy coatings can be used on garage floors or other concrete coatings. Contact us today if you want a metallic epoxy-coated floor installed in Kissimmee, FL, or the surrounding area.

Orlando Epoxy Flooring

Solid Epoxy Flooring

Among the most durable type of epoxy flooring is a solid epoxy floor. Besides being versatile and solid, it comes in many colors. Choosing a color to match your preference is easy. You get what you want in an epoxy coating, whether used on driveways, bathrooms, or kitchens.

Graveled Epoxy Flooring

A graveled epoxy coating will likely meet your needs if you care about customized options and diverse designs. It is typically mixed with quartz or graded sand and mortar. Most people choose graveled epoxy flooring for a commercial surface or industrial space. If you choose this option, IBEX Flooring and Painting has a portfolio of graveled epoxy flooring to show you. Call us to get a project started.

Garage Floor Coating

A garage floor takes a daily beating. Between the paints and stains that are sloshed over it and the heavy machinery driven over it or parked on it, a garage floor is worse for wear very quickly. The appearance is not the only problem. Battered garage floors are a slip hazard. Heavy equipment causes fissures and cracks that become a structural issue. The floor requires more safety and caution than any room in a house or business. A compromised foundation and slippery floor make the floor accident prone to accidents. Don’t wait for an accident to happen. Strengthen the floor with epoxy flooring installed by our experienced and reliable experts.

Concrete Resurfacing and Polished Concrete in Kissimmee, FL

At IBEX Flooring and Painting, we offer concrete floors of the highest quality. We handle concrete and terrazzo staining, polished concrete, and full decorative concrete overlays. Our team has served Kissimmee, FL, for more than ten years and will gladly help with your residential or commercial project.

We are proud of how we can make concrete floors look brand new. Our highly trained team is committed to high-quality work. The consultative process guarantees our customers are completely satisfied. Contact us if you want concrete floors stained, polished, or resurfaced. We serve clients all over Florida. A lot of our floors are installed in the Kissimmee, FL, area.

WHY CONSIDEREpoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor coatings are becoming more popular in Kissimmee, FL, and everywhere along the west coast of Florida. The industry is experiencing explosive growth. Many business owners and homeowners choose epoxy as a flooring solution because it is incredibly durable.

The recent innovations in epoxy floor coating increase the appeal of a concrete floor. You can choose from:
Flaked epoxy floor coating, Metallic epoxy flooring installation Solid epoxy flooring installation, Graveled epoxy flooring systems.

Do not confuse the epoxy flooring systems we offer with kits from a big box store. Kits like that are made with a slight epoxy adhesive added to paint. The result is nothing like the epoxy flooring solution we provide.

The floors we install are industrial grade. They are mixed for a specific location, such as a garage floor or a high-traffic commercial space. We have a flooring solution to fit your needs. Say goodbye to peeling, deteriorating, ugly, and dusty concrete floors. The floor coatings installed by us are resistant to chemicals, oil, gas, abrasion, and water. They look amazing. We will help you choose the ideal epoxy flooring to fit your needs.
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Industrial Epoxy Flooring
In Kissimmee, FL, epoxy flooring is the best option for large industrial facilities, such as warehouses, airport hangars, and places with machine traffic. We installed industrial epoxy flooring systems that are highly reflective, healthy for employees, durable, and easy to maintain. If you like, we use different colors to designate traffic and safety zones to make OSHA completely satisfied with the facility and improve safety.
Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings
When our epoxy garage floor coating is applied with a diamond grind, it is nearly impenetrable by the elements. There is no worry about a replacement after five years. It can turn a garage into a favorite place in a home. Epoxy garage flooring increases the value of a Kissimmee, Florida home.
Installation Process
Installing concrete coatings of epoxy flooring is a five-step process.

Step 1: A diamond grind achieves the profile surface needed for maximum adhesion

Step 2: Repair any pitting and cracks with an epoxy patch or polymer-modified concrete

Step 3: Apply a basecoat of commercial-grade primer

Step 4: Spread the decorative flake with the color of choice

Step 5: Apply a top coat of polyurethane
Advantages of Epoxy Floors
Epoxy floors have a shiny, high-gloss surface. They increase the brightness of an area by more than 150 percent. There are also matte and satin finishes that work well on interior floors. Cleaning and maintenance of epoxy floors are simple.

There is no worry of mold that gets in tile cracks or unhealthy spores and dust that collects on the carpet. With the variety of color variations and coating systems, the choices are limitless.

Due to their thickness, epoxy floors have a lengthy lifespan. Constant reapplication is not necessary. You can use heavy-duty cleaners on epoxy floors. They are antimicrobial-resistant to dirt, dust, and allergens.
Give us a call today for professional project planning guidance and a free epoxy floor installation quote.