Top 5 Uses For Epoxy Flooring

February 23, 20220

There is a reason why builders recommend using epoxy flooring for their clients. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, there are more things that people can benefit from it, particularly the commercial and industrial sectors.

Some of the benefits you can get from using epoxy flooring are the following:


This is the main reason why most people prefer epoxy flooring. It is durable and can withstand wear and tear, especially for areas with high traffic and those that deal with big and heavy machinery. Since they are tough, floors with epoxy coating last longer than the conventional flooring system.

Ease of maintenance

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it seems like nothing can beat floors with epoxy coatings. Since it has a glossy and resin finish, all you have to do is a mop and wipe the dirt away. It can also prevent stains and spots. Those in the health and food industries can make sure that their floors will be free from germs and molds forming on the floors.


Compared to vinyl and hardwood, epoxy flooring is a more cost-effective alternative. Getting epoxy flooring is affordable, and since it is durable, it can last longer. This also means lesser repair and maintenance for you, which can be expensive.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring

The Top 5 Uses For Epoxy Floorings

If you are considering getting an epoxy coating for your floors, here are the top 5 uses for epoxy floorings that you should know.

1: To Add A Professional Look

If you are looking for a way to make your office look more professional-looking, then consider getting an epoxy coating for your floors. Epoxy floorings come in several different colors. While most of them are basic and standard colors, you can always ask for mixed custom colors.

You can even include other decorative chips into the finish for a more professional and more attractive look. If you want to make your space look brighter, epoxy floors provide a high-gloss surface that can improve the brightness of any place.

2: To Prevent The Growth Of Bacteria

Since you already know that epoxy floorings are easy to clean and maintain, there’s no chance for mold, bacteria, and germs to grow on these floors because they are resistant to them. Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other industries that prioritize cleanliness and hygiene usually prefer epoxy floorings due to this characteristic.

Orlando Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors can be easily sanitized, making them an excellent choice for restrooms, cafeterias, kitchens, and a lot more where cleanliness is the top priority.

3: Adds Durability

There is no wonder why most garage or parking spaces, warehouses, factories, and manufacturing companies prefer epoxy flooring over the conventional floor – because it makes floors tougher. Floors with epoxy coatings can endure heavy foot traffic and are resistant to most industrial applications.

It is resistant to gasoline, oil, water, cleaners, chemicals, bleach, and transmission fluid. Industries that are prone to spills from these substances will find epoxy floorings a smart choice.

4: Protects High Precision Machinery

High precision machinery can be costly. Industries that use CNC, cutting machines, lasers, and the like need the space to always be free of dust at all times; thus, an easy-to-maintain floor is a must. If dust gets into the machine, the equipment can easily lose its precision and get damaged.

But since high precision machines are expensive, it’s smarter to invest in epoxy floorings than spend more money on repairs and maintenance or, worst, a brand new high precision machine.

Protects High Precision Machinery

5: For Safety Purposes

Accidents can always happen in a workplace, especially when dealing with liquid and fluids such as water, oils, cleaning agents, and a lot more. When these liquid substances spill, anyone can slip on them.

Since it is easy to add a slip-resistant additive to epoxy coatings, this will ensure that slipping and any floor accidents can be prevented. This gives you peace of mind that your clients, employees, and family will always be safe.

Epoxy flooring has a lot of benefits and uses, which make it the top choice for most industries. When it comes to epoxy floorings, trust only IBEX Orlando Epoxy Flooring services. The best part is they don’t only do commercial flooring; they also accept residential projects. With all the benefits and uses of epoxy flooring, it’s time to consider getting one.

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