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IBEX is one of the best Orlando Epoxy Garage Flooring contractors and serving Central Florida for years. We provide high-quality work for residential and commercial surfaces. Our goal is to be considered the number one contractor in the Orlando area. The epoxy coating installation services we provide cover a wide range of epoxy flooring.

Our affordable and high-quality flooring solutions are resilient and aesthetically pleasing. We install in some unique settings, which makes us the Orlando, Florida, go-to flooring solution company.

IBEX offers a free estimate when you consult with our experts. Our company provides faster service and lower rates than our competitors. The team of contractors has an eye for performance and detail regarding concrete epoxy flooring.

Orlando Epoxy Garage Flooring

Orlando Epoxy Garage Flooring


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Orlando Epoxy Flooring Services Benefits

BENEFITS OFEpoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy floor coatings are great looking, affordable, easy to maintain, and nearly indestructible. They are available in commercial and residential applications. Our products exceed any retail DIY coating system and cost only slightly more.

Most epoxy floor installation takes only one day. Our knowledgeable, experienced, ad highly skilled installers can complete in one day what takes others two or more days to do. Our professionally seasoned installers use professionally outfitted service vehicles with the best equipment. The process includes

  • A diamond grind of the concrete floor surface
  • Cleaning and filling all contraction joints, cracks, divots, and chips
  • Applying a pigmented base coating to the floor
  • Adding your choice of decorative flakes
  • Sealing the floors with a UV stable, clear coating of poly aspartic

Our epoxy is 100 percent solid commercial grade with a built-in moisture barrier. You can choose from 15 colors. We flake to rejection.

Epoxy Coating Maintenance

Epoxy floors are non-porous sealed surfaces that are nearly maintenance-free. You do not have to pressure wash them any more often than you pressure wash kitchen counters or tile floors. Dirt does not get into the floors. It sits on the surfaces.

Sweep with a broom, blow out the garage flooring, or hose it off periodically as needed. Stubborn stains may require a light mopping with a household cleaner. With the use of quality materials and the process outlined above, there is no flaking or peeling. We use epoxy garage flooring products for stronger and better bonds to the concrete flooring than the concrete itself.

Epoxy is among the most resilient and durable coatings applied to concrete garage floors. It is not painted. When the paint dries, it does not offer significant protection. Epoxy cures and provides maximum protection.

It is a two-part mixture of hardener and resin that combines to react and cure chemically. Four hours after being applied, epoxy flooring feels dry to the touch. The curing process takes 72 to 96 hours to reach maximum durability and strength.

Epoxy offers durability and strength in commercial and residential applications. Not only is epoxy flooring beautiful, but professionally installed epoxy garage floors are also stain-resistant. It is tough and resists surface abrasions, automotive fluids, and damage.

Floor Color

Our selection of epoxy flake floor colors is a source of pride for us. We are confident that you will choose a color that perfectly complements your decor. Our epoxy floor systems have aesthetics and quality that take a back seat to none.

Our products are competitively priced. The epoxy coatings we install are easy to maintain and will last for years. They are available in commercial and residential applications and are suitable for outdoor or indoor use. We install them in areas such as Air BnB Rental, Game Rooms, Garage Floors, Lanais, Patios, Pool Deck, and Porches.

Benefits include: Affordable, Decorative, Durable, Easy Maintenance, Renewable, and Slip Resistant.

Epoxy flake floors are cost-effective. They are quality floors built to last. The cost is approximately $5.50 per square foot. We have a minimum of 15 colors in stock, including metallic epoxy floor colors. Special orders of up to 150 solid colors are available. They can blend for an infinite selection of color and metallic epoxy combinations.

The level of protection that is chemical and abrasion-resistant is superior to nearly any other floor coating. As stated above, maintenance is effortless. Mop or hose as needed; use a leaf blower or broom clean the floors.

Under regular use, the floors are not likely to wear out. Like any wall or floor in a home, a color change may be desired after seven to ten years. With the foundation work done, we freshen the floor color for about half the cost or change the color for about 75 percent of the full installation cost. Epoxy coatings have an orange peel texture that offers traction when wet.

Epoxy Topcoat for Commercial Surfaces

Our top coat is a low-VOC, high-performance coating that provides superior resistance against weathering, UV exposure, corrosion, harsh chemicals, and abrasion. It guards against damage and protects a concrete surface subject to high-traffic areas and light-duty commercial activities.
Orlando Commercial Epoxy Coatings

For non-stop forklift traffic and heavy-duty commercial applications, we install an epoxy base, the appropriate aggregate, and grout color, and seal it with urethane. The urethane protects against chemical spills and commercial abuse.

It is also cost-effective in residential garages and workshops. Urethane is also easy to maintain. You do not have to power wash it or use wax or expensive maintenance products. Occasionally, use a floor cleaning machine for large areas or a mop and bucket of soapy water for small areas.

This flooring takes excessive amounts of abuse. It is an affordable industrial-grade flooring choice in many areas. You will find urethane in restaurants, stores, distribution centers, warehouses, offices, and hospitals.

The low VOC urethane of today does not have the nasty smell once associated with urethane. You can walk on it as soon as eight to 12 hours. Urethane accepts light traffic after 16 hours. It is fully cured after 48 hours. The epoxy and urethane combination characteristics are ideal for many business applications.

Orlando, FL, Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Our Central Florida epoxy coating and concrete polishing contractors proudly serve customers in Orlando, FL. We bring years of commercial and industrial floor coating experience to the area.

We turn garages into innovative spaces with beautiful, long-lasting floor coatings. Being among the best garage floor coating companies in Orlando, FL, we strive to provide the highest level of coating service to ensure our many customers are extremely pleased.

Orlando FL Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings
Long Lasting Commercial Epoxy Garage Flooring Orlando

Durable and Customizable Flooring

Garage floor maintenance in a residential or commercial space can be time-consuming and expensive. Our maintenance-free and cost-effective systems produce a beautiful floor coating.

The perfect flooring solution starts with a fusing primer made of epoxy that creates a powerful bond that builds strong adhesion. It prevents chipping and peeling over the years. The top coat creates a seamless, glossy finish that can withstand daily wear and tear in the harshest environments. With more than 140 varieties of colors from which to choose, we will help you find a solution tailored to your performance and appearance needs.

WHY CHOOSE US?Your Trusted Orlando Epoxy Garage Flooring Company

We are a provider of quality epoxy flooring that provides value to customers with the offer of a large variety of solutions and colors, backed by a lifetime warranty. We specialize in designing quality garage floor enhancement solutions meant to be long-lasting and beautiful.

Garage Floor Coatings

You will enjoy a great garage floor design whenever you drive into your garage. A properly installed and well-designed epoxy garage floor enhances life quality. Besides the attractive appearance, epoxy garage floor coating benefits include slip resistance, quick and easy maintenance, cleaning, and no harmful VOCs. Allow our well-respected and trusted Orlando, Florida, team to help with the transformation.

Our techniques and proven installation deliver an excellent job to our customers. We are 100 percent sure they will produce the same for you. The contractors utilize heavy-duty, industrial-strength floor coating products from selected manufacturers that are strong and durable.

They can withstand the demands of a garage floor. Every concrete floor is prepared by diamond grinding the surface to ensure the best bonding. We offer our customers a warranty on the workmanship.

Contact us for a design consultation and free estimate. Whether you want to extend the life of the garage floor, limit maintenance, or reclaim the space from clutter, our Orlando, Fl, based company has epoxy floor coating solutions for those in Winter Park, Winter Springs, and other cities in the Orlando area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost to epoxy a garage floor?

The average cost depends on how it is applied (DIY or professional installation), the floor’s condition, and the space size—epoxy flooring costs between 1 and 12 dollars per square foot.

What is the cost to epoxy a garage floor in Florida?

The cost of epoxy floor coating in Florida ranges from $1200 to $8000.

How much does it cost to epoxy 2-car garage floor?

A typical two-car garage floor is 500 square feet. The cost ranges from $2400 to $4000.

Is it worth putting epoxy on the garage floor?

Epoxy helps enhance the durability of a floor and lasts for years. It has a shiny finish but is completely dry.

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