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Unfortunately, getting the best Celebration, Florida commercial painting services that do a fantastic job of meeting your painting needs can be difficult for many businesses in these small towns. Celebration, Florida, is not an exception to this dilemma. Many advertise as competent painters, but how can you find quality painting services, and what tips can you take to prepare for commercial services? Let us find out.

Whether you like it or not, people will judge a book by its cover, which is why your business is better off with a proper paint job. Commercial painting has so many benefits to your business. Apart from making an excellent first impression on your customers, it can potentially increase your profits as it can attract new customers.

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What is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting is a type of painting that involves the application of a fresh coat of paint to office buildings, apartments, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals. Commercial painting companies focus on various projects; commercial painting services usually do jobs in crews. Small jobs have small crews, while bigger jobs require much larger crews.

Commercial painting differs from residential painting in various ways. Both types of painting jobs require different tools and skill sets. Residential painting is pretty much straightforward, while commercial painting is more complicated. One of the reasons for this is the increased size of the project. Most commercial buildings have far more size than residential buildings.

Another thing that makes commercial painting also challenging is the varying skills required. Painting commercial structures requires a broader experience in dealing with different surface types. An excellent commercial pointer must deal with wood, concrete, marble, and plastic. They must also handle complicated equipment like paintbrushes, rollers, painting trays, and cleaning materials.

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Commercial painting services offer different services. These services are grouped into three distinct categories:
Interior Painting

Interior painting involves applying paint to the surfaces within a building, whether it is walls, floors, or ceilings. Many imagine an interior paint job is intuitive, but this is not precisely so.

Professional interior paint job for commercial buildings requires several skills because commercial painting involves varying skills. Many office interiors come from various materials, and a commercial painter must be adept at working on each surface.

He also has to consider the kind of paint he would be using. Commercial painting involves using unique products such as commercial and industrial-grade paints, primers, tints, and special coatings.

Exterior Painting

First impressions matter a lot in business, and you would like your company to reflect the amount of care and attention to detail your company gives to its project and services. Exterior painting contributes to this in no small measure, and excellent professional service can even attract more customers and increase the profit margin.

Hiring a professional also reduces costs for you as our Celebration Florida commercial painting here at Orlando Epoxy Flooring can protect your building using the best quality paints in the market to deliver a wonderful job you can take pride in. They also schedule their services around your business, reducing the inconvenience and adaptation periods to the barest minimum.

Additional Services

Many Celebration, Florida commercial painting companies also offer additional services besides interior and exterior painting. These services aim to give the offices a more aesthetic look and ensure their services’ durability. Some additional services include brick waterproofing, epoxy coating, concrete ceiling repair, masonry and roof coating, stenciling, painting kitchen cabinets, and metal door painting.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Painting Services

Many assume there is no difference between residential and commercial painting, so they don't often insist on commercial painting services. This action can be a huge mistake that can negatively impact your business. Below are some reasons why you should hire a commercial painting service:
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Attracts New Customers and Increases Profits

Your office looks crucial to your business, so investing in the best commercial painting services like that offered by Orlando Epoxy Flooring is sensible. Few people are likely to trust a business that looks unkempt and unappealing. Potential clients make quick assessments of your business based on look; as unfair as it sounds, it’s true. In a competitive market, you need all the advantages you can get, and the ability to attract new clients will, in turn, lead to greater profits.

Conducive Environment for Your Employees

Employees are a crucial part of business survival. No business can rise above the capabilities and mental welfare of its workers. Productivity could suffer if morale is low, and employees struggle to be proud of their work. Color psychologists have confirmed that specific paint colors can improve the mood of people. Hiring commercial painters who can choose the right colors and administer them clean efficiently can boost employee mood.

Helps in Branding

Part of your business brand involves the way you are perceived, and a good painting job is one way to reflect positively on your business. If the exterior of your building has a good paint job will blend and even emphasize the colors and images already associated with your brand. You will also tells your client you’re dependable as a business and a person.

Keep Pace with the Competition

The point of business is meeting the needs of your customers. But no matter how good you are at what you do, you’ll keep losing money and customers if the competition looks better; this is because people tend to be attracted to looks first, falsely believing that your competitor is better. A good painting job will give your business a fresh, appealing image and ensure you don’t unfairly lose any opportunity.

Preparing For Commercial Painting Services in Celebration, Florida

No doubt, a significant concern you might have when hiring commercial painters is that they might disrupt workflow and cause productivity losses. While many painting companies have provisions to circumvent work hours, you can play your part in ensuring the work site is ready and the crew can smoothly deliver their services by preparing for their arrival. Here are some ways you can prepare:

Preparing For Commercial Painting Services in Celebration Florida

Inform Your Employees

One of the best ways to ensure smooth service delivery is to alert your employees about the arrival of the painting crew. Give them dates and times and a rundown of what they can expect; this allows your employees to cooperate better with the painting crew and reduce disruption.

Keep the Building Up to Code

Make sure that the building is up to code to guarantee the longevity of any paint job. A significant cause of distress can be the sight of a plumber or electrician ripping through your paint job and ruining it while trying to fix an issue.

Clean The Area

Many commercial painting services will often take care of moving and covering furniture inside the building, but you will still have to do the cleaning yourself. Taking this responsibility ensures that these things are not missing or damaged, and cleaning as soon as possible means work can resume soonest.

GETTING COMMERCIAL PAINTING SERVICEThat Does an Amazing Job in Celebration Florida

Customer Service

Just as good exterior paint can have an effect on your property, customer care is usually the first point of contact with any company. An efficient company will usually be careful about who they put in charge of this sensitive position.

Good customer service is more than just friendliness, and it involves building relationships with future clients, answering problematic questions clearly, and the ability to empathize with your issues. You may need to reconsider if you encounter poor customer service while hunting for commercial painting service.

Free Estimate

One of the hallmarks of an efficient commercial painting company is its effectiveness in scaling the work and offering an estimate. Some painting services charge for estimates and include hidden details when they do the estimates. Other companies like Orlando Epoxy Flooring offer not only free estimates but also transparent ones.

The estimate should also be detailed and precise so that you are not blindsided by additional costs towards the end of the project. They should also be flexible so that you can work within your budget and get finished work that satisfies your tastes.

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One of the downsides to having a paint job is its tendency to disrupt your business. Fortunately, several companies, like Orlando Epoxy Flooring, have found ways to minimize this disruption. Painting crews can work off hours, like at night or on weekends. One of the first things to inquire about is if the contractors offer such flexible service. Hiring such a company will help you avoid a productivity slump while the project is on.


Commercial painting services are scarce in the small towns of Florida, but the benefits are worth the effort. A successful painting project improves profits, attracts customers, and helps your business branding. You can also keep up with the competition as a result.

Ensure you note customer care, free and detailed estimates, and flexible scheduling when hiring a commercial painting service. Orlando Epoxy Flooring is a highly experienced Celebration Florida commercial painting company that will professionally meet your needs. Our efficiency and flexible scheduling will ensure you get the best service and prices possible on your dream color palette.