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Humans are naturally attracted to the aesthetic beauty of any object. The colorful glow of an office building is not an exception. But when you think of the cost of commercial painting services in Orlando, you might be tempted to postpone the painting project a little further. Instead of doing that, we invite you to explore how Orlando Epoxy Flooring can give your property that freshly unique look you have in mind.

When you prefer epoxy floors, you’ll need us as your preferred Orlando epoxy flooring company with outstanding expertise and a track record of seamless installation services. Regardless of your knowledge or experience level about Orlando epoxy flooring solutions, we have a trained and fully licensed team to guide you every step of the way. From the first point of contact to the finished epoxy installation, IBEX’s flooring professionals will tailor the flooring options to suit your preferences and budget.

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What Is Epoxy Flooring?

In simple terms, it is a type of flooring made of multiple layers of epoxy. In most cases, the depth of the layers will be around two millimeters. Technically, it is the strong mixture of epoxy coating and hardener that creates the durable plastic material. And that is what makes epoxy one of the best stain-resistant flooring options today. Assuming this is your first time exploring epoxy because of its multiple layers and slip-resistant features, don’t worry. We’ll help you get what you want without overspending like most first-timers.

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Orlando Epoxy Flooring

BENEFITS OFOrlando Epoxy Flooring

It Is Cost-Effective
Compared to conventional floor removal and renovation, an epoxy coating can save you a lot of money. When the purchase of new tiles or vinyl is involved, expect to spend a big amount of money in addition to other installation costs. Comparatively, using epoxy doesn't require the removal of the existing floor surface. Whenever you have to deal with any defects or repair, this type of floors are known to be cheaper.

However, it is paramount that you engage an Orlando flooring company that will use professional protective measures during installation. From choosing the material to complete garage floor installation, IBEX- Orlando Epoxy Flooring has the expertise to give you what you want.
High-Level Shock Resistance
For commercial surfaces in different home or business settings, epoxy floors have been proven as a shock-resistant floor type. Think of heavy tools, machinery, or even recreational gear that may be installed for constant use on the floor. When they are part of your daily operation, epoxy floor coating will be your best option. Give it enough thick layers, and won't have anything to worry about when the floor is in use.
Long Lifespan
The lifespan of epoxy floor is usually longer than alternative types of flooring. Especially in commercial flooring, the benefit of a long lifespan means you don't have to replace or renovate your floors very often. Compared to wood, tile, and carpet flooring, maintenance is cost-effective. Based on the testimonials of clients who came to us as a reference from other satisfied customers, this factor of long lifespan is the main thing that drives them to choose epoxy floor coatings. Get in touch today, and we'll guide you on how to get more from this flooring option because of its industrial strength.
Design Customization
From the point of mixing the material to the installation stage, our professional flooring experts can help you achieve any design customation you wish. Assuming you have a concrete floor that is old and worn out, epoxy coatings can help you return it back to life. Besides the colorful design customization options, epoxy coatings can withstand harsh chemicals at all times.
Great Protection
Here is another dimension to the long life of epoxy floors. Epoxy is normally used on top of other types of floors. In this regard, the other types of floors covered with epoxy will last longer in most cases. Because of the application of chemical substances in making the floor material, a strong bond is achieved between the epoxy and the existing floor. That ensures there won't be any form of structural crack even when you are using industrial machines on top of the floor.
Cost of Epoxy Flooring
How much does epoxy cost per square foot? What is the cost of epoxy flooring in Orlando, FL? These are the common questions that prospective clients often ask. Even though there is no standard formula for calculating flooring prices, the information shared here might give you a general idea of the costs. From there, you can go on and plan your budget. Most importantly, you have to take the size of your property into account when planning your project budget.

For an average epoxy flooring project, expect to pay around $1,200 and $3,000. Concerning industrial, and commercial flooring projects, the price is likely to be higher. In terms of the flooring cost per square foot, the range stands between $2 and $7 across Florida, and many other locations depending on type needed and the area you want protected. Some other factors worth considering are the concrete slab condition, the number of coatings, grade, and style of epoxy.

Instead of quoting prices out of thin air, here at IBEX- our Orlando Epoxy Flooring experts will take an accurate measure of your spaces before project commencement. Through the entire process, professional planning and guidance will be helpful during the comparison and selection of the materials for the job.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

Below are the types of epoxy floor coatings you'll find in the market. Within some diverse contexts, they are better than the decorative concrete or concrete services most people have been using for a while. Assuming it sounds too technical, you'll understand more of the differences when you get in touch with our Orlando flooring company.
Orlando Epoxy flake floor

Flaked Epoxy Floors

This type of epoxy floor is made with colorful flakes & acrylic chips. Because of the colorful distinction, many people use it to adorn their garage floor, basement, and other surfaces. Besides the aesthetic beauty, epoxy flooring contractors recommend this type because of its slip-resistant feature. In other words, it is less slippery when compared to other flooring options in a home or office environment. Based on our experience, most people choose this type because of its suitability for kitchens, showrooms, locker rooms, and sports venues. If you are specifically looking for flaked epoxy floor installation company in Orlando, FL, call today for a free estimate & professional project planning for all your epoxy floor needs.

Orlando metallic epoxy floors

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Both for residential and commercial properties, metallic epoxy floors work well in diverse contexts. When you hire our best Orlando flooring company, your epoxy floor will be designed with different accents, colors, and effects. It doesn’t matter the size of your surface or square foot; the matte finish will increase the decorative appeal of your living room, bedroom, and other spaces. Most times, you’ll find it in gold, copper, ruby, or silver colors. You can use it for your garage floor and even concrete floor coating. Get in touch today if you need metallic epoxy floor installation services in Orlando and other areas surrounding Florida.

Orlando Epoxy Flooring

Solid Epoxy Flooring Solution

SOLID is one of the most durable types of epoxy floors. Besides being solid and versatile, the solid type comes in different colors. Assuming you have preferred colors for your living space, choosing the one that will match your existing color preferences will be easy. You can get what you want from a solid epoxy floor coating from the kitchen to the bathroom and driveway.


Graveled Epoxy Flooring

Assuming you are the type of person that cares about diverse design and customization options, the graveled epoxy floor option is likely to be a good match for your needs. The decorative appeal is that this type appears like gravel after a finished installation. It is usually made of graded or quartz sand mixed with mortar. For industrial spaces and commercial surfaces, the graveled epoxy floor coating is the option chosen by most people. But if you are to go for this option, IBEX flooring is here as the #1 flooring company with a portfolio of graveled epoxy floor installations. Call us today to get your project planning started.


Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor Installation

When you need to cover a certain concrete surface in your home or office, consider going for this flooring option. It is the type of epoxy coating applied to a concrete slab in a self-leveling manner. Within our portfolio, you will discover the different applications of self-leveling epoxy flooring in the residential, commercial, and industrial segments of the market. In case you are looking into the best floor types for sports and athletic facilities, you might be better off with this floor option. Besides the potential for design customization, it is a versatile type of floor coating.

WHY CHOOSEOur Orlando Flooring Company?

Great Expertise
We have a team of trained, experienced, and licensed experts ready to deliver the beautiful floors you want. Whether you are interested in a metallic or glossy finish, you can count on our team to deliver on time and within your budget.
Outstanding Track Record
Within the residential, industrial, and commercial flooring segments of the market, we have been serving different sizes of businesses and households in Orlando, FL. Most of our testimonials are from people who live, work or do business in Orlando. If you need a team of experienced chemical-resistant flooring experts with an outstanding track record, come explore our portfolio today and give us a call.
Modern Equipment
We do not rent equipment to create flooring solution for our clients. Within the Orlando area, we have the modern equipment to put your retail stores and garage floors into a colorful shape. From project planning to finished product installation, we have what it takes to give you the custom colors that will match your taste or brand color.
We are your neighborhood flooring company. We do not subcontract your work or rent equipment to get it done. Consequently, you will not be paying extra money to hire distant flooring experts to help with your project. With our company, you'll get tailored service options suitable for different budget ranges.
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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Before the commencement of work, you'll get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Beyond written or spoken words, we put this guarantee on documented material for future reference. With this, we stand behind our word while delivering very high quality workmanship on your project at a great price. In case of any negligible defects, we will corect it fixed immediately without any extra charge.
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