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Are you tired of all the cracks on your floors and surfaces? Need the best epoxy flooring services in Poinciana Florida?

Do your tiles need a rehaul, but do you hesitate to start because of the associated costs?

If yes, we offer the option of epoxy floor coating services in Poinciana, Florida, to give your property a unique look while sticking to your budget. And we are proud of our outstanding concrete business expertise and seamless track record of epoxy floor installation services on concrete.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a reliable, decorative epoxy flooring contractor in Ponciana, Florida. Regardless of your knowledge or experience level about epoxy floors, our trained and fully licensed team will guide you through every step of the way.

IBEXOrlando EpoxyFlooring will tailor your new construction to suit your preferences and budget from the first point of contact to the installation. We use only industrial-grade epoxy coatings and install them using superior preparation methods.

Epoxy Flooring Services in Poinciana FL

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Concrete Floor?

Epoxy floor coating comprises multiple 2mm epoxy layers. The installed epoxy coating and hardener create a durable plastic material to give one of the best stain-resistant options today in Central Florida.

Don’t worry if you are new to epoxy coatings. We will help you get what you want while remaining within your budget. Call or fill out our contact form today for a free quote!

Poinciana Florida Epoxy Flooring


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Epoxy Flooring Poinciana FL

Poinciana FloridaEpoxy Flooring Installation Benefits

Cost-Effective Floors

An epoxy flooring is a cheaper install option when compared to conventional concrete floor removal and renovation.

While you have to spend on new tiles and their installation to deal with defects and repairs, epoxy garage flooring contractors’ services make a cheaper new flooring option. You do not have to remove the existing floor surface to install your new flooring.

IBEX Florida- Orlando Epoxy Flooring has the expertise required for choosing the material and its installation per your specific needs.

High-Level Shock Resistance

Epoxy layers make a proven shock-resistant flooring option for commercial and residential settings. They can sustain the toil of heavy tools, machinery, or even recreational gear, which you may constantly use on the epoxy flooring on concrete.

Long Lifespan

Epoxy floors and garage floor coatings last longer than most quality products and are most beneficial for commercial flooring and industrial applications. You do not have to replace or renovate floors frequently; cleaning and maintenance are a cinch compared to wood, vinyl, and other floorings.

Our past satisfied Central Florida customers who were referenced to us by other past customers were pleased about the long lifespan of epoxy coatings.

Get in touch today, and we will guide you on how to get more from this commercial and strong covering.

Customized flooring

Our team can help customize your floor design to complement your interiors and rejuvenate your old and worn-out surroundings. We specialize in decorative concrete floors with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. We have the solution for the ugliest concrete slabs in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Great Protection

Epoxy flooring is typically used on top of other floor types for durability. The chemical substances that create the strong bond between epoxy and the existing floor prove helpful in preventing structural cracks and withstanding harsh chemicals.


How much does epoxy cost per square foot in Poinciana, Florida? This is a commonly asked question by prospective clients.

There is no standard formula for calculating prices, but you can get a general idea based on your property size. Expect to pay around $1,200 and $3,000 for garage floors, which can be higher for industrial and commercial projects like concrete floors or polyaspartic flooring.

The average cost per square foot is between $2 and $7 across Florida based on factors like type, size job, concrete slab condition, number of coatings, grade, and epoxy style. Instead of quoting random prices, our experts take measurements of your premises to give a precise and more accurate quote. We provide expert planning and guidance throughout the process, from comparing and selecting quality materials to the surface prep and installation process.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings in Poinciana, FL

These are the commonly available epoxy coatings in the market. You can always contact our Poinciana company experts for more clarification on our concrete services options.

Flaked Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring contractors recommend flaked epoxy coverings for garage floors and other surfaces for slip resistance and the aesthetics of its colorful flakes & acrylic chips on concrete floors.

Based on our experience, most people prefer using these flooring for their kitchens, showrooms, locker rooms, and sports venues. Contact our Florida contractors today for a free consultation and estimate if you are specifically looking for our aesthetically pleasing flaked epoxy floors.


Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy layers are commonly found in gold, copper, ruby, or silver colors, making them perfect and suitable for your house and commercial establishment concrete floor. We can customize your new floor based on your preferred accents, colors, and effects.

It doesn’t matter what the size is; our matte finish increases the decorative appeal of your living room, bedroom, and other spaces.

Get in touch today for a detailed quote to install metallic epoxy floors in Ponciana, Florida, and other areas of Central Florida.


Solid Epoxy Flooring Solution

Solid is one of the most durable and versatile epoxy flooring available for your commercial and residential premises. As it is available in different color options, you can easily choose a color that complements your concrete flooring interiors the best.

You will surely get what you want from this type of epoxy floor coating for any location, from the kitchen to the bathroom, garage, and driveway.


Graveled Epoxy Flooring

The graded or quartz sand that, when mixed with mortar, gives graveled epoxy flooring its decorative gravel look. We highly recommend this flooring if you prefer something for its diverse design and customization.

Most people especially select this coating for use in industrial spaces and commercial surfaces. And if you too opt for it, IBEX flooring is the #1 flooring company in Poinciana, Florida, boasting a massive portfolio of installed graveled epoxy layers. Call us today to look at the portfolio and get started with a detailed quote.


Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor

A self-leveling epoxy floor perfectly covers your home and business concrete surfaces in a self-leveling manner. We boast a highly professional portfolio of different self-leveling epoxy flooring applications in the residential, commercial, and industrial segments.

Thanks to its design customization and versatility, this option is perfect for most sports and athletic facilities.

WHY CHOOSE USFor Epoxy Flooring in Poinciana, FL

Great Expertise

Our crew of trained, experienced, and licensed experts will do an amazing job with your premises. To improve things, our contractors ensure we complete the job on schedule while sticking to your budget.

Outstanding Track Record

We have an outstanding track record of serving residential, industrial, and commercial flooring segments across Orlando, Florida. Most of our testimonials are from people who live, work or do businesses in Ponciana, Florida.

Explore our portfolio today and book a free consultation with our professionals with an outstanding track record for your next project.

Modern Equipment

We have the required modern equipment to improve the aesthetics of any premises, from retail stores to offices and homes. From project planning to finished product installation, we offer customized color options to match your taste or brand color.


Our rates are affordably priced as we do not:

  • Subcontract your work to other subcontractors
  • Rent equipment at high rental rates
  • Charge extra to hire distant location experts.

Our locally operated business provides tailored service options through the process to accommodate all budgets.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% written customer satisfaction guarantee before starting the project. We stand behind our word while doing an excellent job at a great price. In case of any minor defects, we will correct them immediately without any extra charge.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or existing construction; our focus lies in ensuring your Florida flooring is in perfect condition for the optimal functioning of your business. And to keep your repair costs and injuries down while avoiding unnecessary operating expenses.

Call us today for QUALITY planning guidance and a free quote.