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Humans are naturally attracted to the aesthetic beauty of any object. The colorful glow of an office building is not an exception. But when you think of the cost of commercial painting services in Orlando, you might be tempted to postpone the painting project a little further. Instead of doing that, we invite you to explore how OrlandoEpoxyFlooring can give your property that freshly unique look you have in mind.

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With our professional painting services, your business doesn’t have to continue struggling for prospective customer attention and the foot traffic needed to close more deals.  No matter the uniqueness of your painting needs, we’ve got the expertise for prompt and affordable fulfillment.

From planning to choosing the materials and everything else in between, you can count on our professional guidance through to the end.

Orlando Commercial Painting Contractors

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Increased Foot Traffic
Your business needs customers to survive and grow. But if you are serving Central Florida and your office paint is worn out or tattered, you won't get your fair share of the potential customers within your operating location. Getting their attention requires a fresh and attractive outlook.
Brand Distinction
It’s easy to use the same color used by every other competing business location. However, people who care about specific color themed brand distinctions, especially multi-location business owners choose us to make it happen. You can also start a rebranding project with our high-quality craftmanship.
Workplace Improvement
Both for attraction and retention of quality talent, our Orlando commercial painting company can help make the improvements desired by your employees. As you may already know, a cool and attractive workplace improves productivity.
Damaged Paint Maintenance
Due to aging or harsh weather conditions, the chipping, and peeling of your office building paint can leave a bad impression on prospective customers or clients. If you start noticing the appearance of discolored bubbles, that may be a sign you need maintenance painting services on your commercial properties.
Increased Property Value
When it comes to commercial properties, the overall outlook influences the perceived value. One way you can improve the property value is to give it a fresh look through thought our trusted commercial painting company in Orlando.
We are fully licensed to provide all painting services and great customer satisfaction across Central Florida and other surrounding areas.

Full House Commercial Painting

When it comes to commercial painting projects, the needs of the customers we have been serving in Orlando FL often vary from one context to the other. Assuming you need a full house or business commercial painting in Central Florida, you can count on our professional painters to do a very good job on your commercial property. If you are a full-time commercial real estate professional or you just bought a new property, get in touch today to start the painting job with a free estimate.


Exterior Commercial Painting Project

Exterior Commercial house painting is what prospective customers and clients will see before deciding to get in touch and do business with you or not. First impressions are important, our exterior painting services can help you make it attractive at an affordable price. Our process starts by making a full free estimate of your building size and the material requirements. With proven expertise to serve residents of Orlando, Central Florida, and other areas, we are the Orlando painting company known for delivering an outstanding job.


Interior Commercial Painting

In varying business contexts, interior painting is the exact thing that some of our previous clients need. For example, if you have finished doing some renovations, you are likely to need interior house painting to keep things fresh. If you are looking for an Orlando painting contractor that can deliver high-quality work, get in touch today for a seamless painting process. Want to know why some satisfied customers rave for us more than other Orlando painters? Call us today.


Commercial Warehouse Painting

Do you have an old commercial warehouse or a new one that needs retouching? As one of the best commercial painting contractors in the Orlando area, our company has a track record of delivering finished painting projects at an affordable price. You can count on our interior and exterior painting team will go the extra mile to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. For this specific type of painting service, be sure to inform your employees in time and do any required repair work. From start to finish, our painting process takes the client’s interest into account before commencement and during the work.

Other Services Provided By OrlandoExpoyFlooring

Orlando epoxy flooring services

Epoxy Flooring

This is a type of flooring that is done with multiple layers of epoxy covering the floor surface. In some cases, we have seen clients choose this type of flooring because of its durability and life span. Depending on the size of your floor surface, we can help you get the project started with a free estimate of what it will take to install this type of floor in your home or office. When you get in touch with us, we can help you choose the best type of epoxy flooring that will match your taste and current budget.


Pressure Washing

Using some of today’s sophisticated equipment, Orlando Epoxy Flooring also provides pressure washing services in Orlando, FL. When you order this service, we can help you remove dust, mud, mold, grime, and all forms of dirt from the surfaces in your home or office. Call our experts today and we’ll respond with a quick estimate.

Orlando pressure washing services
Orlando Commercial and Residential Painting

Residential Painting

Planning a residential painting project doesn’t have to be scary and confusing. In addition to the painting services mentioned above, our professional house painters in Orlando FL will guide you from the beginning to the end of your residential painting project. It doesn’t matter the size or design of your residential home. When you get in touch, you might be surprised to discover we have served other clients living in the same type of house within your area.

WHY CHOOSE US FOR YOURCommercial Painting In Orlando, FL

IBEX Painting and Flooring has a team of trained and licensed painters to do your paint job. Whether you are interested in commercial painting, residential painting, or flooring services, you can count on us to deliver within budget and schedule.
Track Record
Regardless of the type, size and design of your building, our painting company has a track record of delivering finished paint jobs on similar buildings. Within Central Florida and Orlandowe have completed hundreds of residential and commercial painting contracts successfully completed by our experienced and professional team.
With a team of resident locals, you will never pay extra money for transporting team members or the painting equipment. Call us today to request a free estimate.
Whether you need a prompt quote or maintenance work done as soon as possible, our team of Orlando painting experts are ready to get in touch within 24 hours.
When you commit to working with us, you’ll get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This is not exclusive to a class of clients nor is it based on the size of the work.
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