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Many often underestimate the importance of hiring a good paint job, but research has shown that it could be more critical. A colorful and expertly applied paint job can boost your company’s brand, attract new customers, give you an edge over competitors, and even boost workers’ morale. In Poinciana Florida, commercial painting services work hard to give you these benefits, but they can be tough to find in small towns, especially those around Florida. Fortunately, no matter how hard it gets, getting the best commercial painting services is still possible when you know the right place to look. Let’s find out how.

Poinciana Florida Commercial Painting

Poinciana Florida Commercial Painting


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What are Commercial Painting Services?

To understand what commercial painting services are, we need to understand what commercial painting is. Commercial painting is a type of painting project that involves painting projects for places of business such as plants, schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings. This type of painting involves adapting to multiple surface materials and the manipulation of complex working tools.

Poinciana Florida Commercial Painting Company

BENEFITS OFCommercial Painting Services

There are many benefits to engaging in a commercial printing service. Some of them include:
Increases Your Building's Life

Paints on buildings are like new skin on humans. Suitable paints have a way of bringing new life to buildings and also protecting them from weather elements like temperature, wind, rain, and sunlight.

The paint layer reduces the impact of atmospheric conditions on the building’s exterior. It also acts like a waterproof coat while increasing the lifespan of the building in the process.

Boosts the Productivity of Your Employees

Many psychologists have discovered that specific colors have a way of improving the moods of people; this shows that the interior painting of a house can affect the services of your employees. When this happens, it can translate into improved productivity amongst your employees.

Good contractors can turn a dull and gloomy workplace into a fun-looking exciting place where your employees can look forward to working. The positive, upbeat atmosphere created by the new colors can increase the work rate.

It gives a Good Impression

Many people are advised against judging a book by its cover, but most people do, and it is challenging to overcome a negative first impression.

An amazing job gives an instant first impression and gives the prospective client a sense of confidence in the attitude and abilities of the company. They are also helpful in catching the eye of prospective customers and attracting them to the business.

Reflects Your Business Brand and Keep Up with Competitors

Most businesses have specific colors and images that represent them and their ideals. Probably, you would like your building to reflect the colors and images on your corporate website, and a good paint job can do just that. Imagine the effect on your customer when they observe the uniformity behind the business.

Good paint color also enables you to keep up with your competitors. A messy paint job will cost your company a lot of opportunities and money; many respond to fresh, appealing images, which would lead to increased customers and revenue.

How to Know
If Your Building Needs a Commercial Painting Service

As much as commercial painting can have several benefits for your business, it can get costly. Here are a few indications that your building needs a paint job:
Building Needs a Commercial Painting Service Poinciana


Many things can affect the color of paint, and exposure to weather conditions is one of them. Sunlight and rain can gradually cause paint to fade and lose its brilliant hue. When this happens, it can give your building an unattractive look that does you a disservice. At this point, engaging in a professional commercial service is your best option.


If you consider fading to be wrong, peeling is even worse. A lot of things can cause peeling, and usually, it ranges from exposure to moisture or the use of harmful paint. Whatever the cause, peeling is not a good look on buildings and can cause them to look unkempt.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service like Orlando Epoxy Flooring can do a simply awesome job of bringing your building back to life. Orlando Epoxy Flooring employs the best painters who use quality materials to guarantee brilliance and long-lasting work.

Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew are not a good look on your building, especially if they happen on the exterior, and they give the walls a feeling of desolation, which may put off prospective clients. Paint protects the building from mildew growth and gives it a new look.


Dirt can turn bright colors into something ugly, giving your offices an air of unprofessionalism that is not good for business. Dirty walls and rooms can tend to affect workers’ productivity as well. When the walls are too dirty, it is time for a touch-up.

Been a While

Some paint jobs are so good that they can last a long time. However, this doesn’t mean your offices can go indefinitely without a paint job. If you can’t recall the last time, you painted your offices, perhaps it’s time for a repaint. Generally, it’s advisable to repaint your offices every two years. The right painting contractors will do a great job repainting your building.

Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting

Many mistakenly assume that residential painting is the same as commercial painting, but this isn’t true. Residential painting is a fancy name for home painting or any building used for non-business purposes.

This painting involves less painting as the space involved is often smaller, while the painting is more straightforward. There are also other items that the painters could paint, such as cabinets, decks, and trims. The painters prep the walls well and cover the floors to prevent paint splashes. The surfaces are pretty much the same.

Other Distinctions Between Commercial and Residential Painting

Commercial and Residential Painting Poinciana

Size of projects

Commercial painting involves more significant buildings, requires more crew than residential paintings, involves smaller spaces and can be done by very few people.

Materials and Equipment

Both commercial and residential painters use similar materials, such as paints, brushes, ladders, and rollers. However, the type of those materials may differ from each other. Residential painters are more concerned with the color and paint type for each building; commercial painting involves expertise with different surfaces and more complex equipment.

Additional Services

Commercial painting services are more likely to offer additional services than residential paintings, including coating, repair, metallization, and other services related to the job. Residential painting services may offer additional services like cabinet painting, pressure washing, etc. which tend to be lighter work.

Differences in Experience

Due to the complexities involved in painting office complexes and other commercial buildings, commercial painting can only be done by the most experienced painters. Commercial painters also tend to have more experience because they are more in demand and are likely to work on more buildings. House painters often struggle with painting office buildings but can become efficient with enough practice.

WHERE TO GETFantastic Job Painting in Poinciana Florida

It might be hard to get quality painting services in the small towns of Florida, but with enough persistence, you can find one that can give you all the services you need. Fortunately, Orlando Epoxy Flooring is one of the best you can get in Poinciana, Florida, with over ten years of experience.

They offer various services, from interior and exterior painting, light repairs, and epoxy coatings to touch-ups and replacements. They also offer free estimates, a precise quote with no hidden charges, and an experienced painting crew with the best equipment.

Hiring Orlando Epoxy Flooring does an amazing job transforming your house or building. They guarantee excellent service and longevity, and at affordable prices. They also guarantee an aesthetic finish and an easy-to-clean work ethic that won’t disrupt your work and reduce the loss of productivity.


Commercial painting services are extremely beneficial for all your business in so many ways; they can attract business and give it a touch of class. Hiring true professionals can help you get your back in good shape. Orlando epoxy flooring services guarantee quality work. We go the extra mile to meet your painting needs in a timely manner.

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Commercial Painters Poinciana Florida- FAQs

People always have a lot of questions concerning commercial painting. Here are just a few of them:

How much is a Paint Job in Florida?

Most commercial painting services are offered at an hourly rate or per square meter. You can expect to pay $40- $140 per hour for quality commercial painting, and charges per square meter can range from $4 – $8 per square meter.

How do I find the Best Painting Contractor?

There are various ways you can find efficient commercial painting services that can do a great job painting your building. You can get recommendations and reviews from friends and satisfied customers.

You can visit the website of any commercial painting service to find out. For instance, orlandoepoxyflooring takes great pride in an excellent job. They have great customer service and are completely professional. They have a reputable record.

How Do I Estimate a Painting Job?

One way you can estimate the average cost of a painting job is by measuring the space to be painted, estimating the materials and workforce needed, compute all the overhead costs. To save you the trouble, you can simply contact Orlando fl for expert advice and a free estimate.

How do you negotiate a Paint Job?

Many people are afraid to negotiate with the painter quote but don’t be afraid to put your negotiation skills into use if you wish to get a fair price. You can tell the painter your budget and see if he can swing. Most commercial painting services like Orlando Epoxy Flooring usually have flexible estimates that can accommodate you and they do a wonderful job.