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Looking for a commercial painting contractor for your property in Clermont, Florida? You are in the right place – our Clermont, Florida commercial painting contractors provide top-quality interior and exterior painting services for businesses.

Nowadays, Clermont is considered an attractive place to live if you need easy access to the urban zone but still appreciate Florida’s natural beauty found in the area. Located in Lake County, just west of Orlando, the city is residential but has had amazing growth over the past decade. There are plenty of fun things to do, and Clermont is home to many modern and classic buildings. If you are a proud owner of such a building, know that with us, you can rest assured that you will have your commercial facility or house painted to the utmost standards.

Our painters bring great expertise when it’s time to repaint your property, restore its exterior, or do complete pressure washing. With us, you are getting the best Clermont, Florida commercial painting professionals for your project – we will restore your curb appeal and help you boost brand authority with your newly painted commercial property.

Clermont Florida Commercial Painting


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Clermont Florida Commercial Painting Services


Our interior and exterior painting services in Clermont know no limits – we can paint your property regardless of its type or size. Whether you want to get your house painted, are interested in hiring us for your small commercial property, have a big industrial facility, or want us to completely repaint your warehouses, we are here for you. With us, you can be confident that you will love the end result and that will exceed your expectations.

The line of commercial painting services includes the following;

  • interior painting
  • exterior painting
  • painting and pressure washing
  • color consultation
  • epoxy flooring solutions
  • minor repairs (drywall, carpentry, stucco)
  • and a lot more!

Our goal is to deliver the utmost professionalism and show you why we are the contractor of choice for many Clermont companies. No job is big or small for our painters – we are ready to deliver professional results and make your paint job exceed your expectations.

Our team is fully focused to have each commercial or industrial project completed within schedule and at the best price possible. We are insured and accredited for our quality work – as your #1 contractor, we know how to undertake any painting process and will provide a clear and timely estimate to get the job done quickly.

Give Your Company A Fresh New Look
With Our Commercial Painting Services

Clermont Commercial Painting Services

We are your local Clermont painting company specializing in commercial projects. Whether you are looking to repaint your office walls, give your lobby a fresh coat of paint or repaint the exterior walls of your company facilities to boost brand awareness, you are on the right page.

With our painters, you will see nothing but smooth, crisp, and attractive results. We take pride in providing North American businesses with reliable painting services and can help you complete any painting project on time and on budget.

Even if you are looking for a house painter to give your property a fresh new look, our team is available for hire. It’s easy to get started with your project – all you need to do is contact us and schedule a free estimate.

Skilled Painters
With Decades Of Combined Experience

We specialize in both commercial and residential painting and are here to communicate with business managers who want their Clermont business to shine in a new light and appreciate working with painters that can work in a professional manner.

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At OrlandoEpoxyFlooring, we pride ourselves on working with many companies and being the painters of choice for many local business owners. Every customer that we have says goodbye to us completely satisfied with their completed projects. Our full-service commercial painting company provides painting and pressure washing according to your specific request and will undergo the whole process with utmost professionalism. As you search for professional painters for your company’s interior or exterior, you will find that there are two main types of services available: commercial and residential painting.

Residential painters are also known as house painters, while commercial painting covers larger-scale projects and paint jobs such as offices, stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. At OrlandoEpoxyFlooring, we proudly provide commercial painting services that focus on quality and exceed your expectations.

No matter how small or large your commercial area near Orlando is, we are here for you. Our painters use advanced equipment and can serve customers of all sizes – it’s easy to ask for a free estimate and go through each point of our contract.

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REASONS TO CHOOSECommercial Painting Services In Clermont, FL

There are many reasons to repaint your commercial area, and the main ones are generating new interest from prospective customers and making sure that your workers have an attractive and comfortable workplace. Some of the common reasons for repainting your commercial space include:
If you want to change your company identity as part of a rebranding, repainting your property is a great place to start.
Delivering a great first impression
Let's face it – commercial painting is a great way to deliver a solid first impression.
Attracting new customers or increasing profits
A well-executed commercial interior attracts more clients, which means increased profits.
Protecting your investment
A good painting project protects your property's value but also protects the building from outside elements.
Commercial Painting Services In Clermont FL
Changing your business mood
Playing with colors can help you change the mood of your business. For instance, repainting your walls black gives the impression of professionalism, while red conveys the feeling of urgency, and blue is often used to show reliability and tranquility. The psychology of color is an important thing to consider.
Meeting regulatory requirements
Cities and states often have regulatory requirements about keeping workers and clients safe.
Promoting better teamwork
Your staff will feel more productive and motivated to work in a comfortable, professional, and clean environment.
Modern looks
New trends in office interior design can help you update your workplace and make it modern-looking.
Increased property value
Lastly, a good paint job increases your property's value, protects it from outside elements, and prevents problems in the future.
Pressure Washing by IBEX

WE CAN HELPWith Pressure Washing Too!

There is no better way to remove dirt, stains, grease, and pollutants from deep within than pressure washing. The whole process takes unwanted elements from the exterior of your home or business, bringing you a deep cleaning solution that gives your property a full facelift.

Pressure washing is something that we are proud to deliver, whether you need deep cleaning of your commercial area or just want to clean specific areas of your business. You can rely on our team of painters at OrlandoEpoxyFlooring and invest in a better-looking exterior. Our professional pressure washing services come with a free estimate and are tailored to the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial property owners near Clermont, FL.

If you have questions as to which surfaces can be pressure washed, the answer is concrete, exterior siding, wood fencing, decks, gutters, masonry, etc. You will be amazed at home professional pressure washing can restore your exterior siding, brick walkways, wooden fences, or other spaces, making them look like new again and boosting your curb appeal. If you are not sure whether pressure washing is a service you should book, don’t worry – you can call us and we will do a full assessment, showing you the best options for your commercial project before you decide to hire us or pay any money.

AN EXCELLENT TEAM OF PROFESSIONALSServing Clermont, Orlando, And The Surrounding Areas

Our excellent team of professionals delivers a superior commercial painting experience. Our crews are experienced, and each painter is polite, courteous, friendly, and professional without compromising quality. In addition, you can expect a neat workaround and a lot of advice and tips from our crews for preventative maintenance of your interior/exterior areas.

Our crews have worked with schools, hospitals, and other facilities – we have painted the exteriors and interiors of many properties but also do industrial applications, which require experience and extensive product knowledge. From hotels to restaurants, apartment complexes, churches, gyms, and fitness centers, we know how to approach each project and show you what a great paint job looks like.

If you need further assistance from our company regarding your commercial project, you can always consult with us on things like your choice of color (we have an extensive palette of colors), whether you need deep cleaning and pressure washing, repairs, etc. If you want the best Clermont Florida commercial painting company to work on your project, hire our team.

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