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Are you looking for the best Davenport Florida Commercial Painting Contractor?

Let’s face it – the success of any painting project depends on the painters you will hire and the work they put into the painting process. All of this can affect the overall results, and if you are browsing and looking for the best painting contractors in Davenport, FL, you should know the main factors that separate reliable ones from those who waste your time and money.

At Orlando Epoxy Flooring, we pride ourselves on our commercial painting services. We are here for you every step of the way, helping you make the most out of your property and delivering quality work. We know how to approach various commercial painting projects and specialize in both interior house painting and exterior painting services.

If you have chosen a company for your residential painting needs and need a bigger team to handle your commercial painting project, you shouldn’t think twice and call our Davenport painting contractors today to book your appointment.

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Looking for the best Commercial Painting in Davenport Florida?


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What Is Commercial Painting?

When looking for a painting for your professional needs, there are two types you’ll come across: industrial and commercial. Below, we are showing you the difference and the two types of painting services in detail.

As the name itself says, commercial painting is the painting of commercial establishments. When businesses look at painting projects, this is what they choose. Painting of this scope mostly focuses on functionality but also aesthetics, depending on the needs of the business. On multiple occasions, businesses in the FL area require extreme attention to detail in specific areas, such as their exterior walls, kitchen cabinets, etc.

This type of painting job includes anything from restoration of facades and exterior painting services to indoor painting and priming, which sustains the longevity of your paint job. Most of the time, commercial painting covers large-scale projects, including slight methods of restoration to facades, sealing of cracks and crevices for moisture control, and painting by the same team. The services also include proper priming that is made to sustain the longevity of an excellent paint job.

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THE BENEFITS OF HIRING USFor Your Commercial Painting Needs

Did you know that color can boost brand recognition by around 80%? It’s true that the right paint color can have a significant impact on how people perceive and interact with your business. With the right commercial painters by your side, you can make sure your walls are painted smoothly and get the most out of working with a local painting contractor.

If you want the attention of true professionals in the painting business, you are on the right page. We have been in the industry for a long time – our painters have decades of combined experience. Registered within the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as a painting contractor for professional customers, we serve the area of Davenport, FL, with quality interior and exterior painting projects.

The benefits of hiring our professional commercial painting company are numerous and include the following:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Experienced painters
  • Ability to assess any type of property
  • A BBB-registered company
  • Quality products
  • Customer service
  • We are a local painting contractor (based close to Davenport FL)
  • A great choice if you need repainting
  • Proper preparation
  • Additional services

With OrlandoEpoxyFlooring, you are choosing quality painters and a company that truly knows its business. Our painters are friendly, courteous, prompt, and professional, You can see that for yourself and see it in our reviews – many customers said that “they paid attention to details” and “have done a wonderful job painting our company walls.”

If your business is based in or near Davenport FL, you can rely on us for both regular and urgent projects. We serve the greater Florida area and are here for you at all times. However, we strongly advise that you book your appointment in advance – a process like this gives us enough time to prepare and assess the interior and exterior of your commercial project.

Your Go-To Painting Contractors
For Any Commercial Project

We have a staff of experienced house painters that provide professional services – you'll witness their skill and be sure to say they have done a fantastic job with your interior painting project. We are a fully licensed and insured commercial painting company, but you can also count on us for your residential painting or industrial painting project.
Davenport Florida Painting Contractors Commercial Project

Need help choosing a specific color for your commercial property? Whether it’s drywall repair for your interior or you need dependable exterior painting services, we are here for you.

Our team also does pressure washing of garage floors, power washing, filling of stucco cracks, pool deck and surface preparation, and many other smaller projects that can help you increase your curb appeal.

We specialize in both interior and exterior painting projects in Davenport, FL – you will witness our quality and see why many refer to us as their top-rated local painters. If you need a free estimate for any of our services, just call us, and we’ll visit your site for a quick assessment.

WE WORK WITHHigh-Durability Commercial Coatings

Most commercial properties and industrial buildings often need specialized, heavy-duty, and high-performance coatings that can withstand the workplace and all the environmental hazards and seasonal changes. If you are looking for a new coat of paint in your company, know that you should consider a lot more than just that. At OrlandoEpoxyFlooring, we are here to show you what defines proper repair and reparation of interior and exterior walls, leading to long-lasting results. Our painters have decades of combined experience and always deliver top-quality work that doesn’t hurt your budget and minimizes disruption.

If you are looking for a painting contractor that offers professional and durable coatings in FL, we are the company you should call. We know that your business is unique, and your property deserves only the best coatings for floors, walls, and high-wear areas. When it comes to quality paint, we work with long-term solutions that have already set us apart from the competition.

Whether it’s your interior house painting project or the property at your workplace, know that we are here to cater to your needs. We are known as the go-to industrial painting company by many of our neighbors, providing industrial painting services in Orlando, Davenport, Haines City, and many other locations within Florida.

High-Durability Commercial Coatings - Davenport Florida Commercial Painting

Need Exterior Painting Services?
We Are Here For You

If you are interested in top-quality exterior painting for your business in Davenport FL, you need a company that understands the right substrate requirements and has years of experience with local environmental conditions.

Exterior Painting Services

We all know that commercial buildings tend to show signs of deterioration, cracks, or stains. These can be caused by the penetration of moisture, which is actually a larger problem within your structure that needs to be quickly addressed. Besides the four corners of your interior, we’ll examine what kind of exterior you have (brick and block, masonry, aluminum, vinyl, and wood all require different solutions). Our painters know that applying a coat of paint over the deteriorated area is not the best solution in the long run. Instead, we’ll address your challenges and use a unique set of filling and coating to fix the underlying issue.

Our vast knowledge of specialty coatings gives us a leg up on our competition. We can’t wait to show you our great company and the friendly employees working there – if you are interested in our painting service for your commercial property, ask for a free estimate, and you will get a prompt response. Our extensive skill set and modern equipment clearly define the best methods and products to meet your specific needs and get your commercial property painted the right way. We have a wide array of colors to choose from for your Davenport Florida office or industrial space.


Davenport Florida Interior Commercial Painting Contractor

THE COST OF HIRING USAs Your Interior Commercial Painting Contractor

If you are concerned about the cost of your interior or exterior commercial painting project, know that we are fully transparent and won’t cut corners when it comes to painting projects. We are not the cheapest painting company out there, but also not the most expensive one – our goal is to finish your project from A to Z and ensure that your property gets the finest paint job between all four corners of every room.

Taking shortcuts when choosing your FL painting contractor will only cause problems for you, allowing them to continue or reappear in your business. That is where our painters step in – we are able to identify the cause of the problem and make sure it is fixed with the right products according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Just like we can paint the inside and outside of your FL house, we are also here to assess your commercial area, examine your interior wall surfaces and ensure that the correct products selected are properly applied.

Our professional painters are here for you – we can complete interior painting projects within any house or commercial area, providing the utmost respect for the property and its occupants.

Rely On Our Commercial Painting Services

IBEX Flooring and Painting is the #1 painting company around Davenport, FL – we have experience with commercial painting projects of all sizes and are extremely proud of our reputation in being dependant, professional, courteous and attentive to detail.

You can count on us for any interior painting or outside painting project. We also put quality and customer service first, which is how we built and maintain our commercial painting service. Our painters have experience working on office buildings and complexes, restaurants, warehouses, shopping centers, warehouses, car dealerships, and many other areas.

If you are in need of painters for a more complex job site or you need someone to do an industrial painting for you, just share the project details with us, and we’ll let you know whether we can assist you. Know that the scope of services we provide is extensive – you can even hire us for drywall repair, residential painting, or interior painting only.

WHY CHOOSE US FOR YOURCommercial And Industrial Painting Company

OrlandoEpoxyFlooring is a company you should consider. We are the painting contractors of your choice, specializing in commercial and industrial painting projects, and a lot more. Based in Orlando, we serve the greater region of Florida and specialize in any type of commercial and industrial projects with the equipment and manpower to complete each one from A to Z.

Our goal is to always meet your scheduling needs and work within production schedules. Our painters know how disruptive their jobs can be to any workplace, which is why they are efficient and utilize the latest technology in surface preparation and coatings. Whether you want to get your office walls painted in a specific color or want to give the exterior walls of your industrial area a new facelift, calling us is the easiest way to proceed.

Professional, Reliable, And Insured FL Painters

There are many things that set us apart from the competition. Our painters are experienced and know how to create a distinct brand identity for your commercial area. We make repainting your interior and exterior easy, giving you a competitive edge.

Our painters will help you improve your brand perception and give your commercial area’s interiors and exteriors a great look. We are here to help you drive new traffic – our professional service will ensure that your space is clean, inviting, and appealing to potential customers.

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