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Living in Orland and thinking about upgrading your home or business property? One good way of increasing your home's value is by updating your flooring to epoxy decorative flake flooring. Not only is it affordable - epoxy comes in different shades and styles that let you customize your property at its best. Even if it's just your garage floor - epoxy coating can do so much for the overall look and feel of your property. In fact, studies show that an epoxy garage flooring can increase your home's value by as much as 8USD per square foot!

Orlando Epoxy Decorative Flake Flooring: Considering the relatively minor cost of epoxy coating – the increase in your home’s value is more than impressive! Of course, that’s just one of the many reasons why choosing epoxy may be good for your bottom line.

Epoxy flake Flooring Orlando by IBEX

Orlando Epoxy Coating

Delivering the best in durable flooring solutions, our company takes great pride in offering concrete flooring solutions for both commercial and residential properties. With more than 10 years of experience in epoxy flooring finishes, concrete floor coating, and the installation process – we are confident in meeting your high standards for quality flooring. In fact, we can guarantee high-quality epoxy services with all the benefits you’d want in your home. Give us a call at 321-244-8033 and start planning your flooring system today!

Orlando Epoxy Decorative Flake Flooring


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BENEFITS OFEpoxy Floor Coatings

Durable epoxy flooring comes with multiple layers. With years of epoxy flooring services, we can guarantee the following benefits of this floor coating in your home:
Compared to other flooring solutions, epoxy is actually cheaper per square foot. Per sqm, epoxy on garage flooring should cost anywhere from 30 to 100 USD. Of course, this depends on the quality of the finish. We always perform a free estimate over floor coating before making a recommendation on what's best for your property! Our goal is to give you the best possible floor coating while keeping costs low and reasonable. Call us today in Orlando FL for a free estimate and we will see what we can do for your epoxy floors!
Epoxy flooring was originally developed for industrial floors when a concrete surface is not enough to serve a purpose. For example, a manufacturing plant needs the installation of heavy machinery combined with excessive foot traffic. Durable flooring solutions found that epoxy offers better resistance compared to concrete. It doesn't chip, crack, or dent - ensuring that the epoxy flooring system remains as flat as possible. In retail spaces or industrial applications - a perfectly flat floor is crucial for workplace safety.

The durability of epoxy flooring quickly became popular. Today, you'll find that it's one of the favorite flooring systems in high-traffic parts of the house. Typically, you'd find the garage floor or pool deck in homes made from epoxy flooring.
Here at Orlando epoxy, we offer a variety of beautiful floors to fit your style. We understand that not everyone wants metallic epoxy floor coatings for their garage floor! We can install different varieties including metallic epoxy, flaked, gravel, mortar, marble, granite, or with a vapor barrier. We can also do a 3D epoxy flooring design! Our epoxy flooring services can accommodate any design you have in mind from metallic epoxy flooring to something simpler for your garage floor.
Easy Maintenance
It takes very little to keep your epoxy floor coating looking good. Some floor coatings required you to clean with soap and warm water - but not epoxy floors. All you need is a good broom to sweep the dirt and debris off the surface. Resistant pieces of mud can be brushed off you can use a mop to soften the surface. Done daily, your epoxy floor should look good for years. Of course, mopping the surface with water once or twice a month is also welcome to get rid of deep-seated grime. If you spill something on the surface, just wipe it off with a mop and it's good to go! We encourage you to keep your epoxy floors clean to increase its longevity - especially with heavy foot traffic.
Epoxy flooring by itself counts as an effective flooring solution. Some people say that since epoxy is only used as a coating material, it doesn't really add to the overall longevity of the floor. However, studies show that with proper use, epoxy resin can make your floor last for as long as 25 years with zero or minimal maintenance in between. This removes any worry on your part and improves the cost-effectiveness part of the purchase.
Fire Resistant
Epoxy flooring is very resistant to heat. The composition of the material actually makes it very difficult for epoxy flooring to burn. Unsurprisingly, we've installed epoxy flooring in buildings and spaces where fire hazard is likely because of the items stored there. In fact, we noted that some fire stations even have epoxy flooring in their own building! This just shows that the epoxy pain floor coating is a good choice if you want to keep your home safe while also keeping fire insurance payments low.
Stain Resistant
Epoxy floor coatings are typically used in industrial situations because it sustains zero injuries when exposed to harsh chemicals. This chemical-resistant flooring leaves few marks when exposed to acid or other solvents. Oil spills can be quickly wiped away, leaving zero evidence of oil stains on the surface. If you're looking for epoxy finishes that can maintain the aesthetic of your flooring - give us a call today!
Safe to Use
We can guarantee that our flooring systems are safe to use in practically all living situations. In fact, this flooring solution may be exactly what you need for a high-traffic or office area. This is because epoxy paint is slip-resistant. Even when slightly wet or damp, the floor coatings help create flooring with slight friction. This helps guarantee a good grip on your garage floors when walking. In your office or manufacturing spaces - slip-resistant floor coatings help minimize the chances of workplace accidents.

However, the safety of epoxy floor coatings goes beyond simple slip resistance. Studies show that they're also very good at resisting mold growth. This is crucial especially if you live in Orlando, FL where the humidity index is very high. Mold growth commonly occurs in Orlando and they often start in areas least seen. If allowed to spread, mold can cause allergy symptoms, and at worst - it can trigger respiratory diseases. We strongly encourage you to have your garage floor coatings done in epoxy to prevent this from happening!

Other Services We Offer

With a long-standing commitment to high stands, our epoxy Orlando, FL services can meet a wide range of needs for your properties. From commercial epoxy flooring solutions to a home garage floor epoxy - we are confident in being able to deliver on your concrete coating needs.

Other services we offer include pressure washing and painting services in Orlando, FL. We utilize only the best equipment and materials in all our services - guaranteeing quality results at reasonable prices. Contact us for a free estimate or find out what decorative concrete and epoxy flooring solutions we can offer! Orlando, FL 321-244-8033

Epoxy versus Concrete Floor

Old school industrial coatings typically choose to install a concrete floor for their high traffic areas. With the popularity of epoxy flooring, however, more and more industrial spaces are switching to an epoxy floor coating. Homeowners are quickly following the change because they notice how well epoxy floors have worked in retail stores. This is why nowadays, it's not surprising to find epoxy coatings in both home or commercial property spaces.

Both epoxy flooring and concrete floors are made for durability. They create a durable surface that can last for years with very minimal maintenance required. However, epoxy performs slightly better as a high-performance surface. It can withstand more weight and traffic without showing distinctive marks that ruin the overall look of your floor. Epoxy flooring is also more flexible when it comes to the kind of weight you put on it. For example, heavy materials, cars, and tools can easily ruin concrete floor finishes. Done correctly, however, epoxy flooring can easily withstand heavyweight. Unsurprisingly, epoxy flooring is the preferred flooring system in manufacturing plants, garage flooring, and commercial properties.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor coatings are currently one of the most popular choices in both residential properties and industrial spaces. They come with tons of benefits – plus they’re very affordable! When calculated over time, the cost-efficiency of epoxy flooring is better than other flooring solutions including bare concrete floor options. An epoxy floor is also known to be durable, versatile, safe, and resistant to chemicals. With more than a decade of experience in installing epoxy garage floor coatings – we can guarantee that epoxy does exactly what it says it does – plus more!

If you’re curious to find out if epoxy flooring is the right choice for you – feel free to send us a message for a consult. Call us today for your concrete flooring solutions! Orlando, FL 321-244-8033

Numerous Design Opportunities

Epoxy flooring is versatile and open to multiple designs. Our Orlando, FL services can actually design different looks for your epoxy flooring – guaranteeing that you’ll get exactly what you need to match your aesthetic. Our different types of epoxy floor also fit different building needs from commercial to residential spaces.

ResidentialEpoxy Flooring, Orlando FL

If you're getting residential epoxy flooring - Orlando flooring solution recommends the following:
Metallic Epoxy Floor
A metallic epoxy floor can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. It gives off this amazing sheen that helps add glamour to your personal space. Metallic epoxy floor coatings make your home look like it's always brand new. With the reflective sheen of metallic pigments, metallic epoxy floor coatings also help add light to a room. They're perfect for small rooms or for the living room to create a larger feel.
Epoxy Terrazo Floor Solutions
Terrazzo is ideal for residential properties or heavily-used floors. It is one of the most decorative epoxy coatings on the market today - plus it's very easy to clean! We've installed this type of epoxy flooring in many homes, schools, office buildings, and hotel hallways.
Vapor Barrier Epoxy Flooring
This type of flooring system is typically placed underneath final floor coatings. As the name implies, vapor barrier flooring systems create strong protection on the floor surface against vapor or humidity. This improves the longevity of the flooring systems through the reduction of vapor transmission. This is typically installed under tiles, carpets, vinyl, and hardwood flooring.

IBEX Epoxy Flooring and Painting Orlando

Epoxy Flaked Floor Coating
Strictly speaking, this epoxy coating is a style of application. The flaked approach creates this multi-colored chip design that helps add to the aesthetic of the surface. It's a great look as a decorative concrete finish. You can choose your colors depending on the overall feel of the house. We've had the pleasure of customizing flaked epoxy flooring in both residential and commercial buildings.

Of course, it’s perfectly fine to choose a commercial epoxy flooring for your residential home and vice versa. Whether you want a metallic epoxy floor or something with an industrial application – we can deliver all types of epoxy coatings you can possibly need.

Epoxy Decorative Flake Flooring

CommercialEpoxy Flooring, Orlando, FL

If you're getting epoxy floorings for commercial or industrial purposes, there are several options to choose from:
Self Dispersing Epoxy Flooring
This type is best used for floors with heavy machinery. It can withstand heavy use from forklifts, carts, and other heavy equipment. They're also perfect as operational floor coatings because of their resistance to heavy traffic. It contains quartz sand and has anti-slip properties.
Graveled Epoxy Flooring
This type is perfect for company buildings or show floors. The graveled epoxy floor is the perfect base for adding your brand, company name, or logotypes. You can use this to create a statement or include important details to make your business stand out to the clientele. Graveled type is ideal for hotel function rooms or reception halls.
Self-Leveling Epoxy Coating
If you're thinking about upgrading your concrete floor, self-leveling epoxy would be an ideal option. This epoxy floor coating creates a smooth surface that easily levels the concrete coating. We've installed this type in kitchens, dining rooms, warehouses, and storage rooms. It's also a popular garage floor epoxy choice.
Mortar Epoxy
This is the strongest type of concrete coating on the market today. You will find it in industrial buildings. It can also be used to repair existing cracks to create a stronger surface.
Epoxy Antistatic Floor Coating
This type is best used in environments where you want to maintain a static-free situation. Electronic components sensitive to static will benefit from flooring systems like this one because the equipment continues to work uninterrupted. We find that this type works best when installed in a hobby garage floor, hospitals, laboratories, and some manufacturing properties.

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We take great pride in being one of the top providers of epoxy flooring, Orlando, FL services. From epoxy garage floors, concrete floors, epoxy paints, and others – we are confident in our ability to deliver the best results for your property. We made a commitment to deliver only quality results through our highly-skilled and trained workers. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in epoxy flooring systems – we’ve maintained consistently high standards not just with our team but also with our equipment and materials.

If you want to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us at 321-244-8033. You can also reach us through our message service from our main website. We have located at 11954 Narcoossee Rd. Ste. 2 #203 Orlando, FL 32832. Get a free quote via our website or visit us and get a free estimate through our trusted staff!

Orlando epoxy flooring and painting

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install epoxy floor coating?

Whether you’re installing a metallic epoxy floor or a basic type – the installation process typically lasts just a few days. Even some types that require diamond grinding only need around 5 to 6 days to set in place. This includes placing the primer all the way down to placing the topcoat. This is why most businesses use epoxy paint – it allows them to quickly go back to operation.

How long will epoxy flooring last?

In residential areas, epoxy concrete coatings can last for more than 10 years through proper care. Our concrete services can help extend the lifetime of your flooring through proper installation and after-care assistance. We are confident that once finished, your epoxy flooring will last a lifetime through minimal maintenance. If you have any questions about your existing concrete coatings, contact us at Orlando, FL 321-244-8033.

Will temperature affect the curing time of epoxy flooring?

Yes. Heat speeds up the curing time of epoxy and decorative concrete. We encourage you to have your epoxy concrete coatings done during the summer season in Orland, FL. This way, we can guarantee a quick curing time – allowing you to immediately take advantage of your brand new metallic epoxy floors!

Is epoxy flooring good for outdoor use?

It’s common to use epoxy garage floor coating in residential homes. Metallic epoxy flooring is also a favorite for indoor applications. Does that mean you can’t use it outdoors? Of course not! Aside from epoxy garage floors, we’ve had the pleasure of installing epoxy coating for pool decks, patios, pathways, walkways, verandas, gazebos, and more. Unlike your basic concrete floors, this epoxy flooring adds sophistication to your property’s curb appeal. The slip-resistant feature of epoxy also helps create a more secure walkway leading to your property.

Note however that like all other materials – epoxy degradation happens faster when exposed to the sun. It can turn yellow as a reaction to the heat, it can lose its gloss, or it can start chalking. However, this doesn’t significantly change the useful life of the coating. With proper maintenance, you can still get years of use of the flooring.

Can mold grow on the surface?

Mold growth generally depends on the epoxy itself, the extent of exposure to the elements, and how often you clean. There are some types that are mold-resistant or those that make it difficult for mold to thrive. With proper installation and after-care, we are confident that our flooring can withstand and prevent mold growth, even during high-humidity scenarios.

Can I pressure wash the floor when cleaning?

To clean the floor surface, all you really need is some warm water and soap. However, if you find that pressure washing is faster and easier – then you can do that too. Obviously, we don’t recommend using a zero point for pressure washing. Instead, we recommend that you spray out the pressure wash to gently scrape any dirt or debris stuck on the surface. In most cases, however, a simple mop and soap can already give you excellent results. For daily cleaning, a simple run of the broom to remove debris is enough.

Can I steam clean the floor?

Yes! Epoxy flooring is compatible with underfloor heating! This actually creates a more environment-friendly set up in your home as it improves power consumption. Underfloor heating combined with epoxy floors helps warm up your property so you’ll need less energy to keep the space heated. We can also assist with this installation if you’re planning to add underfloor heating or if you have an existing one in the building.

Can I have underfloor heating with epoxy floors?

Yes. Steam cleaning is actually a preferred method of keeping the epoxy flooring clean. It’s best used for tough stains or if you neglected to clean the floor for years. Otherwise, using steam is unnecessary but will not damage the surface itself. For best results, sweep the surface with a broom first to get rid of any dirt or debris.

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