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Are you looking for commercial painting contractors serving Orlando, FL

You probably understand the importance of keeping your commercial space looking at its best. The truth is, that commercial painting requires a lot of careful planning, safety plans, and working in ways that minimize disruption to your daily tasks. As a respected Kissimmee commercial painting contractor in Florida, this can translate to working nights, weekends, and off-hours for our teams.

With decades of combined experience in commercial painting, we are among the leading commercial painting contractors serving Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas with quality interior and exterior painting projects. Whether you own or work for a commercial or industrial facility that is in need of quality painting services, you can count on us and our high-quality products, exceptional skills, project management transparency, and great expertise with all types of coatings.

Kissimmee Commercial Painting Contractor

We hold a strong reputation in our local area for our expertise, the quality of our painting services, and the dedication shown by each member of our team at all times. Our continuous goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure we are always adding value and delivering the best results possible.

Are you looking for commercial painting contractors serving Orlando, FL


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If you are looking for painters that fully understand the importance of making your property look at its best with the least disruption to your employees, customers, or tenants, look no further than hiring our teams at Orlando Epoxy Flooring.

We have been the painter of choice for many Kissimmee business owners. Having completed hundreds of commercial painting projects in FL, we know that no multi-unit property is too big or small for our exceptional painting service.

Together, we pride ourselves on our work ethic, professionalism, and busy schedule, knowing that all of these values set our service apart from our competition and take the guesswork out of retail and office painting.

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Commercial painting is a practice that demands a disciplined and focused approach from start to finish. The approach is equal in both exterior painting and interior painting projects, where you need a team that knows how to deliver a quality experience and professional results on every project, every time.

As the best Kissimmee commercial painting contractor in Florida, we work in a professional manner, offering you a variety of paint colors to choose from. It’s easy to discuss and gain a better understanding of our scope of work – once we arrive at your location in or near Kissimmee, Florida, we will bring our color consultants to identify the best color scheme for your exterior/interior walls so that you know what you are getting and are completely satisfied with the results.

While painting the exterior of your house is a big undertaking on its own, it is just one part of the process for us. From the moment they arrive at your front door, our painters will show you what’s needed for a quality Kissimmee painting job and how you can get the most for your budget. In other words, we are here to help you create the look that you want while staying within your budget.

Professional Exterior Painting Services In Kissimmee, FL

Nowadays, there are plenty of Kissimmee painting companies that offer quality work. However, you need a company that provides a range of different painting services, and one that can paint your exterior walls to properly maintain the image of your brand.

In addition to that, painting the exterior of any home or building in Kissimmee, FL, large or small, is a big job. A property can be painted or stained, but when it comes to exterior painting and pressure washing, it is important to work with the right company and choose materials that are able to withstand the humidity and heat that Florida is known for.

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Orlando Epoxy Flooring stands out from the rest by consistently completing projects in an efficient manner at the best prices. Customers love our approach and never fail to recommend us once we have painted their house, kitchen cabinets, and exterior and interior walls. We don’t have a customer that we left unsatisfied – our painting specialists are always there to deliver services that exceed expectations.

Our painting company proudly offers outstanding exterior and interior painting services – we work quickly and efficiently, transforming your dreams into reality. We have helped countless business owners in Kissimmee, FL, with their painting and pressure washing needs.

Your Go-To Interior Painters In Kissimmee, FL

As the best house painting specialists for hire in Kissimmee, we offer the most advanced tools and technology in the industry. Not many painting companies can say that they worked with some of the best businesses in Kissimmee FL and some of the greatest individual buildings. We pride ourselves on helping many FL business owners with their interior paint job or other commercial painting projects.

Interior Painters In Kissimmee, FL

Hiring and training only the most skilled Kissimmee FL commercial painters, we are here to pay close attention to every detail in your home. Our expert house painting contractors have developed specific systems and procedures that lead to no missed detail in your home, whether we are painting your interior walls, repainting your kitchen cabinetry, or pressure washing your walls.

From retail to healthcare, hospitality, and education, as well as restaurant painting, our commercial painting services charge by the square footage of your commercial area in Kissimmee, FL. We have worked with numerous businesses looking for Kissimmee painting specialists in the region, ensuring quality with every project.


Besides our commercial painting services, we are happy to offer top-quality residential planning solutions for all homeowners and property managers. At Orlando Epoxy Flooring, we are top-rated and trusted by many residential clients. Plenty of them refer to us as their go-to residential painting contractors and recommend us to their neighbors.

Painting your home exterior and interior walls demands quality work. We are here to have your walls pressure washed and prepared – our painting company is fully licensed so you don’t have to worry about any detail in your project.


A fresh coat of paint on your walls and other surfaces is the only way to transform the look and feel of your property without buying lumber. Whether you are looking to protect your house from outside elements or need repairs on your walls that have been damaged, our painting service is something you should definitely consider.

Thanks to all of our valued customers, we are among the most preferred and trusted commercial painters in Kissimmee. We have been painting happiness across the greater Florida area, and are looking to do the same for your project.

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