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Our professional pressure washing crew is experienced in low- and high-pressure cleaning operations. Our pressure wash focus is on: Airplane hangar, Amusement Park rides, Asphalt surfaces, Automotive shop floor, Awnings and signs, Boats and RVs, Commercial pool interior, Construction equipment, Driveway, Dumpster pad, General concrete, Graffiti removal, Gum removal, Oil stain treatment, Outdoor furniture, Parking garages, Parking lot, Patios, Pool deck and pool areas, Rust stain treatment, Screen enclosure, Shopping carts, Sidewalks, Trailers of all sizes, Truck and vehicle fleets, Vinyl fencing, Warehouse floor, Wood decks, and boat docks.

Areas We Serve – Kissimmee Pressure Washing

IBEX Flooring and Painting is a leading exterior pressure washing and power washing company in Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida, and all areas in Central Florida, including Altamonte Springs, Davenport, Champions Gate, Haines City, Orlando, Winter Garden, Winter Park.

Pressure Washing Services in Kissimmee

We will find an eco-friendly mix of cleaning products and pressure to clean it effectively if it can be cleaned safely. We work on projects of any size. Our Kissimmee pressure washing technicians have ten-plus years of pressure washing experience. They take care of the cleaning process.

Kissimmee Pressure Washing


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Kissimmee Pressure Washing Services

BENEFITS OFKissimmee Pressure Washing Services

We care about the property and take steps to protect it from harm. Anything that could be damaged is covered and wrapped during the cleaning process. The water we use with our pressure washer is filtered and soft because it makes washing with pressure washer clean better and eliminates the need for pressure washing products that are hurt the environment.
Our products do not damage bushes, flowers, trees, grass, or other landscaping or damage paint on the building in the washing process.
High-performance, industrial and commercial epoxy coating is perfect for industrial facilities, laboratories, beverage and food plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, and warehouses.
Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Kissimmee FL
Industries that hire IBEX Flooring and Painting pressure washing Kissimmee, FL services include: Apartment complexes, Auto dealerships, Banks, Banquet facilities, Churches, Condo complexes, Construction site cleaning, Factories, Fast food restaurants, Fuel stations, Golf courses, Industrial parks, Local businesses, Malls, Manufacturing facilities, Mini golf facilities, Movie sets, Movie theaters, Night clubs, Offices, Outdoor theaters, Outlet centers, Park and recreation facilities, Plazas, Power plants, Restaurants, Retail stores, Theme Parks, Schools, Sports stadiums, Storage facilities, Travel centers, Utility companies, Waste facilities.

Some of our commercial cleaning services in the Kissimmee area are done at night to avoid disturbing customers and stay out of the way during regular business hours. Our Kissimmee, FL technicians have special equipment - high-capacity steam cleaning, large capacity industrial pressure washing equipment, scaffolding, and aerial lifts. It is the most advanced equipment available.
Residential Pressure Washing Kissimmee
Power washing in Kissimmee beautifies and protects the surface of a house. By removing dirt, mold, and mildew and washing away grime and dirt, the life of a house is prolonged, and the value of the property increases. Our residential services include: Power washing, Concrete pressure washing, Driveway pressure washing, Exterior home pressure washing, Paver cleaning

Pressure Washing Services

House Washing Improves Curb Appeal

IBEX Flooring and Painting Company transforms the exterior of homes in Davenport, Kissimmee, Florida, and other areas in Central Florida. We take great care and address specific needs.
You may want us to remove mold and mildew from vinyl siding with a house washing treatment or some other exterior job, such as Flower beds and gardens, Front steps and entryways, Roofing cleaning that includes gutters, Windows and frames

Roof Cleaning

Kissimmee, FL roof cleaning and care are essential in Central Florida. The prolific volume of rain and high humidity are hard on roof surfaces. You extend the life of expensive shingles when you schedule regular roof cleaning with IBEX Flooring and Painting. Pressure washing Kissimmee, Florida requires up-to-date power washing methods, whether low-pressure washing or soft wash is involved. The roof deserves quality treatment. Benefits of roof cleaning include: Eliminating grime, mold, and mildew that gets between shingles. Extends the life of the roof, Removes debris, such as twigs and leaves.

Driveway Cleaning

Cleaning driveways is a vital part of Kissimmee, FL, home maintenance. It can be annoying and challenging. Pesky weeds push through the cracks, and rust stains are an eyesore. Our professional Kissimmee pressure washing team blasts oil stains, allergens, grime, and dirt to deliver a quality driveway cleaning service. Benefits include: Eliminating loose gravel, pebbles, and dirt. Enhancing curb appeal, Increasing longevity, Restoring a new look.

Cleaning Entry Ways and Sidewalks

Whether you have a concrete strip leading from the steps to the driveway or sidewalks in front of the house, the entryway and sidewalk are critical aspects of the curb appeal of a house. If your Kissimmee house needs entryway enhancement and sidewalk cleaning, let IBEX Flooring and Painting provide a free estimate and work for you.

Our professional team specializes in pressure washing Kissimmee. We lengthen the life of the surface and help maintain a positive appearance. Take sidewalk cleaning off your to-do list, and let us be of service. We will: Combat mold, Eliminate weeds, Extend the surface life, Increase safety.


Our team wants to be the pressure washing company people in Kissimmee, Florida. Call when they need a power cleaning job done. We take pride in the job and the results. Our technicians exhibit
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We exceed our customers' expectations. Our technicians offer a free estimate. You will be delighted when we are finished.
Reasons to Choose Us for Power Cleaning
Pressure washing
• Eliminates safety hazards
• Improves curb appeal
• Increases the value of a property
• Is environmentally smart
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The free quote places you under no obligation, but we promise great service. Our professional washer services involve all the areas of the exterior of houses or businesses, from roof washing to washing the driveway.
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