Top 5 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Garages

October 11, 20220

Gone are the days when garage floors were just plain grey surfaces. Today, more and more homeowners recognize the importance of high-quality and aesthetically appealing epoxy flooring for garages.

An epoxy garage floor is a perfect choice if you are looking for a durable and good-looking garage floor. Your garage is one of your home’s busiest and most hard-working areas. So it is only right that you give it the importance and attention it deserves.

OEF is the leading epoxy garage flooring repair and installation provider in Central Florida including Kissimmee, and Davenport. So if you are looking for the perfect epoxy flooring for your garage, you have come to the right place. Check out the benefits of a using garage epoxy floor and learn why you should only choose this type of flooring for your home garage.

What is the epoxy coating?

An epoxy floor coating is a type of coating that consists of two distinct elements which are the polyamine hardener and an epoxy resin. When these two elements are mixed, a process called curing occurs. Curing can take from some minutes to a few hours before the liquid epoxy coating turns into a very durable and tough solid. Epoxy floor coatings are used for adhesive purposes or for strong coatings and paints for metals and floors.

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a surface that is composed of multiple epoxy layers. The layers applied to the floor usually have a minimum depth of two millimeters. The main difference between epoxy flooring and epoxy coating has something to do with the epoxy’s depth. Epoxy coating has a thickness of fewer than two millimeters.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Floor for Garages

Benefits of Using Epoxy Floor for Garages

If you are unsure of whether or not garage floor epoxy is the best option for your needs, here are some of the top 5 benefits to give you a better view of why this flooring solution is considered one of the best out there.

Highly Resistant

Garage floors are prone to spills and water leaks. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to almost anything that can damage your garage floor. They are resistant to corrosive chemicals, bleach, gasoline, acids, stains, motor oil, and other solvents.

They are also highly resistant to water or moisture which helps in the prevention of mildew and mold growth. Floods, mold, and mildew can cause major damage to your floor and may lead to total flooring replacement if not addressed immediately. With an epoxy floor, you will never have to worry about expensive repairs and replacement because it is highly resistant to practically anything.

Furthermore, because of the epoxy’s thickness and hardness, it is exceptionally resistant to any abrasion from items that are usually used in the garage such as floor jacks or any metal tools. Epoxy flooring also has high impact resistance and is a perfect flooring solution if you are using your garage as a home gym. You won’t have any problem if you drop certain gym equipment because epoxy floors do not easily chip or get damaged.

Strength and Durability

Epoxy flooring is one of the toughest and most durable flooring materials in the industry. It can withstand impacts, shocks, and even heavy weights. The strength of the epoxy coating and epoxy flooring is what sets it apart from other flooring types such as vinyl, tiles, carpet, or wood. It lasts longer than any of the other flooring options.

Choosing epoxy garage flooring will make your garage floor look even better over time and last longer without all the expensive maintenance to repair cracks or other damages.

Cost Effective Solution

One great benefit of garage epoxy is that it is a more affordable option compared to other floorings. Epoxy flooring is one of the most inexpensive flooring choices per square foot. Normally, the cost of epoxy flooring ranges from around $3-12 per square foot.

Installing epoxy flooring is also very low maintenance. You really get value for your money and you won’t have to worry about repairs or replacing it for many years. This is the perfect solution for people who are on a tight budget and want to renovate their garage floor.

Compatible with any Vehicle

The smooth and durable surface of the epoxy flooring can keep your vehicles in good condition because of its uniform surface. Concrete flooring will wear your tires easily while the evenness of epoxy floors will give less friction to your tires. This means that epoxy flooring can prolong the life of your tires and can cause less wear and tear to your vehicle compared to a concrete surface.

The durability of epoxy floors can also hold significant weight which can better support your vehicles. The concrete floor alone, on the other hand, can deteriorate over time from the heaviness of your vehicle and may require frequent restoration or repair.


Even though epoxy flooring is made of a chemical compound, it is still a more environmentally friendly choice because it involves fewer materials and does not need frequent repair and maintenance. Nowadays, people are very choosy and conscious of how eco-friendly and sustainable a product should be.

Choosing epoxy flooring has environmental benefits because it reduces the use of essential machinery and materials compared to other flooring installation preparations. Modern epoxy flooring is also non-toxic and safe for the environment as well for the workers.

Other Benefits of Using Epoxy Floors

Other Benefits of Using Epoxy Floors

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits of epoxy floors, below are some other pros you might want to know about using epoxy for your new floor.

More Designs

With epoxy floors, you can choose just about any design or epoxy finish that you want for your garage floor. You don’t have to limit your options to standard designs but you can create the kind of aesthetic you want for it.

It can also create a new dimension to your garage because the light bounces off the epoxy which can give your space a different kind of vibe.

Easy to Clean

The last thing that people want is a floor that is hard to clean and maintain. Garage floors are very susceptible to dust, dirt, and other particles. But since epoxy floors are not porous, the floor surface of your garage will be very easy to clean. The luster of the epoxy floor also won’t fade easily even when heavy objects are being dragged or shifted on the floor.

Moreover, salt from winter roads won’t also affect the epoxy floor so cleaning it won’t be a problem. You can easily sweep your epoxy floor with any cleaning tool of your choice such as a broom, mop, or vacuum.

Easy to Install

Once you have chosen the right epoxy coating for your floor, installation is just a very easy step. Epoxy floor coatings are much easier to install compared to other solid floors. It just takes around two days to install and must wait at least 72 hours of drying time before you can park any vehicle on the surface.

Epoxy Installation Professionals

Epoxy Installation Professionals - IBEX Flooring

After knowing the many benefits of using epoxy flooring for your garage, we are sure that you are convinced now that this type of flooring is the best option for your garage needs. Remember that you need to consult with the experts if you ever decide to install epoxy flooring for your garage to get the best results.

We are a professional epoxy flooring company based in Central Florida and we provide only the highest quality epoxy residential and commercial flooring solutions. Contact OEF for all your epoxy flooring needs all across Central Florida. We are looking forward to helping you find the best solutions for all your new garage flooring needs.

Let us help you find the garage floor of your dreams. Talk with one of our experts today!

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