Increase your Home Value and Esthetics with Home Painting

February 23, 20220

Home painting every few years or so can really freshen up the place – not to mention increase your home’s value. A fresh coat of paint helps set the stage for a new decor which is perfect if you want to change the esthetics of your home. The new paint also creates a newer “well cared for” look that helps maintain a home’s value.

But what else can a fresh coat of paint do for your house? Here are some benefits to getting those walls painted:

The Curb Appeal

Nothing beats first impressions when it comes to homes. A fresh home painting instantly creates an impressive curb appeal that attracts buyers. Once they get a positive first impression of residential painting, buyers instantly see all the possibilities for a house. Even if the interior is not as impressive – that first impression will last.

Orlando Home Painting - The Curb Appeal

Update the Aesthetic

Color trends change and if you want to keep your house up to date, refreshing the paint will do this. Of course, you really can’t go wrong with neutrals but other colors will offer your home a distinct personality.

Understand, we’re not just talking about exterior home painting. A fresh coat of paint for the interior can also revamp the whole room. This is especially true for family homes and children’s rooms. As the kids grow up, they’re going to develop their own little personalities and would want that reflected in their personal space.

Making Parts Pop

Is there a part of your house that you’re particularly proud of? Maybe the customized door or the attached veranda? Home painting helps accentuate different parts of a house so that you can make specific parts pop. This can be done through color contrasts, making it very easy to identify certain aspects of the house. For most, the colors can help portions blend in together but do you really want to create a plain canvas of wall? In any case, a fresh coat of paint that’s specially chosen to complement each other creates a more appealing façade for your home.

Orlando residential Home Painting - Making Parts Pop

Actual Home Value Increase

While you may not be in the market to sell your home, maintaining your property’s value is always good for personal finances. Studies show that a freshly painted home can significantly increase your home’s value. Compared to another home improvement, having the property painted is actually the most cost-effective way of improving the value of the house.

Typically, the added value of a renovation is around 80 percent of the actual amount spent by the homeowner. For example, if you spent $100,000 on the renovation, you can add around $80,000 value to the property. When it comes to painting, however, the return is actually at 141 percent – allowing you to get back more than what you actually spent.

Home Painting Fixing Problems

Painting your home, both the interior and exterior forces you to pay close attention to small aspects of the house. The small pits, cracks, concaves, termite damage, and so on – all of these can actually become obvious during the painting process. Good home painters will call your attention to these parts so that you can solve these problems before they actually become huge issues.

Perhaps spotting termite damage is one of the best side benefits of repainting your home. Performing an evaluation before actually placing paint on the surface can help prevent future damage to the foundation.

Improved Home Lifespan with home painting

Improved Lifespan

Finally, don’t forget that repainting over your home can actually increase its lifespan. It doesn’t matter what kind of cladding you have in your home – a layer of paint will always offer additional protection to keep your home safe. This becomes especially true with wood because wood panels need to be changed after a few years of use. Once the paint is applied, however, the usefulness of the wood actually extends a few more years.

Of course, those are just some of the few benefits of revamping your home through a fresh coat of paint. Remember though that you can only get these great results by hiring the best in the industry. Orlando painting and epoxy flooring by IBEX is known for its excellent service when it comes to painting surfaces inside and outside of your home. Make sure to get the best for your home by us!

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